How Bridesmaids Can Save the Big Day

Planning a wedding is no easy feat.

Planning a wedding is no easy feat. Preparing a wedding checklist alone can be overwhelming and time-consuming, plus it could also take a toll on a bride’s emotional well-being.

A bride can get too worked up planning everything and making sure that everything will turn out just fine. It usually takes more than one person to execute a wedding, which is why brides are encouraged to share the burden to their bridesmaids.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Bridesmaids

Being a bridesmaid an honor that comes with a huge responsibility. An invitation for being a bridesmaid is a declaration of love, commitment, trust, and friendship. It indicates that you mean a lot to the bride; hence, bridesmaids should take the responsibilities attached to the role seriously.

Commit with Every Detail, even the Little Ones

A bridesmaid should invest in all the details of the wedding. As the saying goes, the whole is the sum of all its parts. Thus, every little detail will determine the outcome of the big day.

The bridesmaid should commit herself in making sure that she is present in every planning and activity – be it choosing bridesmaids robes for all the bridesmaids at Zynotti or helping decide the perfect design for the venue.

Keep the Bride in Check

A wedding can induce a lot of intense emotions, especially in the part of the bride. She can be a nervous wreck because of the stress and pressure. Bridesmaids are expected to support the bride in her decisions while calming her down when everything is going crazy.

Be Honest, Kind, and Patient in Choosing Wedding Dress

One of the biggest tasks of the bridesmaids is helping the bride choose the perfect wedding dress. The bride invited you, trusted you, and even selects dresses for you at Zynotti.

It is only fitting that you return the favor by guiding her through this challenge. Give the bride an honest but kind opinion.

Plan and Execute All Parties

Parties include bridal shower, bachelorette party, wedding rehearsals, rehearsal dinners; the list can go on. A bridesmaid should do her best to help plan these parties and be present in all of them.

Bridesmaids represent the bride in some way, and so they should be at their best at the parties. The bride is already nervous enough for the big day, and so the bridesmaids should take on the challenge of making these parties exciting and memorable.

Must-haves of the Bridesmaid on the Big Day:

  • Emergency kit – hairpins, bobby pins, makeup kit, tissues, pain reliever, snacks
  • Comfortable shoes (to be ever ready for all errands)
  • Positive and patient attitude
  • Glamorous overall look
  • Money (to buy everything that the bride and fellow bridesmaids need)

Being a bridesmaid can be challenging because it entails a lot of responsibility. However, everything is worth it because being a part of something as unique as a wedding is rewarding enough. After all, a wedding is more than just a ceremony but a moment that will live forever.

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