Tips to Make the Most of Your Las Vegas Pool Party Experience

Pool Parties are wildly fun to enjoy.

Pool Parties are wildly fun to enjoy. The liberating parties of Vegas paired with the sexy vibe of pool and water everywhere make these Las Vegas pool parties simply one of the best on the planet.

If you plan to explore the wild and fun Las Vegas pool parties, make sure you remember these tips to make your party experience hassle-free and worth it.

1. Never, ever forget to bring your ID.

Ever saw a scene in a movie where a minor tries to sneak into some party? Well, the management is as worried as that may happen.

Always carry with you your ID or any proof of identification, in case you’re mistaken as an innocent minor trying to experience some adult party.

2. Be an early bird.

Las Vegas pool parties are extremely popular among people. So, don’t be surprised when you see a long line of guests when you arrive. After all, this place is one of the best party places in the world. So, expect a lot of party goers waiting in line to enter.

The tip is to arrive early. Not only will this save you time but will give you the chance to pick a good spot by the pool.

3. Carry just the essentials.

Yes, you want to carry some necessary stuff with you when you go to these parties. But remember, you’re going to a pool party. Everybody will be dancing. There’s water everywhere. You might be preoccupied when the party starts and might forget about your stuff.

Tip: ID, phone, credit card, and keys, you only need one small pouch to carry these essentials. Don’t lose them.

4. Keep your phone dry.

Again, there will be water everywhere, and not just water. Dancing could make you all sweaty. So, you have to make sure you protect your phone from being wet.

5. Flip flops. Nothing fancy.

Spare yourself from wearing inappropriate shoes or footwear. Sport a pair of flipflops, and you’re good to go. Besides being practical, they are also extremely comfortable.

6. Stay hydrated.

This means water and not liquor. There’s going to be a lot of drinking there. But before you take several shots of tequila, make sure you drink lots of water before the sun, the dancing, and the shots drain you of hydration.

8. Bring sunscreen.

Sure, tan lines are sexy. But it does not mean you have to stay under the sun without sunscreen. Make sure to bring your Las Vegas sunscreen, one that will last you some time without you being sunburnt.

9. Cabana oh-na-na

Having one can help you skip the admission line. You can go straight in and enjoy some cold beer while relaxing on some Vegas couch, watching TV.

10. Nice and Slow.

Yes, it’s one of the best pool parties in the world. The drinks are overflowing, and you’re having the best time of your life. But remember, you don’t want to pass out in mid-afternoon and miss the night clubs.

Keep the alcohol on an average. Just the right amount to get tipsy but make the most of your Vegas experience.

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