Top 3 Mods for Suzuki LT230

Your Suzuki LT230 is a classic ATV that’s stood the test of time.

Your Suzuki LT230 is a classic ATV that’s stood the test of time. It’s no surprise that riders chose the LT230 as their off-road machine since it was a formidable contender over tough and muddy trails. Whether you’re just making a few tweaks or restoring it to trail-worthy condition, you need mods that will accomplish your goals. As you shop for the best aftermarket motorcycle parts, there are a few key mods you should keep in mind.

AMS Swamp Fox ATV Tire

Some ATV enthusiasts see the LT230 as solid ATV that excelled even in original factory condition with all stock parts. Nevertheless, tires can make or break an ATV’s performance. The AMS Swamp Fox ATV Tire features a computer-enhanced tread design and a deep tread pattern for dependable riding over difficult terrain. Its construction also includes dimpled reinforced lugs for more biting edges and better grip on both muddy and hard-packed surfaces. Meanwhile, the Swamp Fox also has aggressive shoulder knobs for improved side bite in deep ruts and as a bonus, these knobs also shield the tire against sidewall punctures. Even with its durable 6-ply construction, the Swamp Fox is incredibly lightweight. When you’re looking for aftermarket parts for Suzuki LT230, consider purchasing the AMS Swamp Fox ATV Tire.

K&N OE Replacement High Flow Air Filter

You may think that recommending a K&N air filter is a no-brainer. After all, K&N is one of the top manufacturers of high-flow filters in the industry. But before you rush onto the next suggested mod, take a moment to consider the benefits offered by the K&N OE Replacement High Flow Air Filter. The filter is made to fit in an OEM airbox and features multiple layers of high-flow woven cotton gauze, boosting air intake by up to 50%. Better airflow leads to improved power and torque, but your engine also stays clean with this product’s fine filtration properties. Even better, this filter is pre-oiled, washable and reusable. K&N’s filter delivers a long life of reliable performance for your LT230.

JT Sprockets’ Steel Sprocket

Swapping out stock sprockets for different sized models is also a common modification. JT Sprockets’ Steel Sprockets are built to last with a sturdy and lightweight construction. Front sprockets are fabricated from C45 steel and an SCM415 chromoly steel alloy, while rear sprockets are made from C45 high-carbon steel. Both versions are heat-treated and sandblasted to cut down on material surface tension. The result is a long-lasting sprocket that handles the demands of your ride.

If you’re thinking of changing the gearing ratio, make sure you have a clear vision of your goals before you shop. The key is balance: quicker acceleration with heavier bottom end or heavier top end and faster speeds. Adjusting LT230’s gearing ratio requires some careful choices, so do your homework before you pick out your sprockets.

Keep Your LT230 in Top Condition

Modding your LT230 is a labor of love. Be sure to select the best Suzuki OEM parts for your engine internals, electrical components, body parts and other key systems. Choosing a reputable dealer for your OEM and aftermarket components ensures you enjoy exceptional quality, value and service.

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