How to Remove Your Menstrual Cup Easily

Using a menstrual cup makes every woman’s menstruation experience better and convenient.

Using a menstrual cup makes every woman’s menstruation experience better and convenient. However, despite the fantastic benefits you can get from using it, struggles may still occur, especially in removing and inserting the menstrual cup. 

To make removing a menstrual cup comfortable, follow the steps listed below. 

How to Use The Stem Of Your Menstrual Cup 

Many women think that you only need to pull the stem to remove the cup and you are already done! Well, part of it is correct, but pulling the stem right away can cause the seal to break. If you remove the stem, the entire cup will not go out that easy. You might spill your menstrual blood all over your body and on the floor. 

The purpose of the stem is to help you locate the menstrual cup from inside. To remove the cup, slightly pull the stem to touch the bottom part of it. Once you already feel the round texture of the cup, hold it, and remove the entire cup slowly. In this way, the blood will not spill right away. 

It is important to choose a menstrual cup that has a soft texture of stem. Softer texture can make you feel comfortable while wearing the cup without cutting the stem. A longer stem can make your life easier, so do not cut it. Daisy cup has a softer stem, to know more about their cup you can go to

Easy Steps to Remove Your Menstrual Cup

If it is your first time using a menstrual cup, losing it inside can worry you. Your menstrual cup will not go farther in your vagina. There are cases that it can go higher from its normal position, but that is fine. 

Relax and breathe deeply and focus on your vaginal muscles. Touch the stem and slowly pull it out. You can also squat for the cup to go down and spread your legs to find the cup using the stem easily. 

Push Until You Make It! 

You will never lose your menstrual cup inside your vagina. However, there are times that the cup will go up to the vaginal canal. It is the lining that lubricates which allows the menstrual cup to move. For a typical woman, her vaginal canal is up to four inches long. 

When this happens to you, do not panic because this will typically occur, especially when you do not know how to put it in the right spot. All you have to do is to push it down using your stomach and vaginal muscles. It feels like you have a bowel movement. When you can already touch the stem of the cup, pull it until you can reach the base of your menstrual cup. 


When plan A does not work, proceed to plan B. It is called squat. Some people do not have enough strength to push it. So you can try to squat on the floor or in the toilet bowl. 

Put your foot on the seat of the toilet. It will help the cup to go down and can be easier to reach. Squatting can also shorten the position of the vagina. 

Grasp Your Menstrual Cup

If you don’t like to squat, especially in a public bathroom, you can try to grip your menstrual cup. Before you do the step, make sure to wash your hands with soap and clean water. Then use a cloth or tissue paper to dry your hands; it can make your life easier in getting the menstrual cup. 

Once it is dry, put the two most extended fingers inside your vagina and feel the stem and pull it near to the opening of your vagina. Finally, when you can already touch the base of the cup, slowly remove it. 

Break the Seal

The seal of a menstrual cup is responsible for protecting against leaks. Your vaginal wall and the lip of the menstrual cup should be sealed together. This is to make sure that it will not move farther and to make sure that it can collect your menstrual blood. 

Sometimes, if the seal was created, it will be hard for you to remove the cup. You can insert your finger going to the top of the cup and push it down to break the seal. 


Do not worry if it’s your first time using a menstrual cup and stop all the what if’s. They designed a menstrual cup to make your period experience hassle-free. Therefore it is already anticipated that little challenges will occur and solutions were previously created to help you know what to do. Knowing the purpose of the menstrual cup stem will help you understand how to remove your cup easily. It’s also a good idea to practice inserting and removing the cup before your menstruation starts. In that way, when your period comes, it would be easier for you to use your cup. 

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