C.A.R. Driving Success in Your Entrepreneurship Journey

When starting out as an entrepreneur, there are many obstacles as well as processes and procedures you must figure out. This method, the C.A.R. Method will help simplify the process for you, as well as helps establish if you have an actual business VS a hobby. 


This is the fun part, what is your dream for your business? What is different about your business versus the competition in your industry? What will separate you from the pack? This step for most entrepreneurs is the easiest, they have a vision and a dream. This is where you expand on that dream and put pen to paper to really feel it out. 


This is the not so fun part. What are your numbers, what will your marketing look like and your marketing costs? Costs to goods? This is a deep dive into the numbers that will make your business flow. Honestly, this is where most entrepreneurs fail, either because they can’t break down the numbers or they try to skip this step altogether … and that typically leads to their failure later on. 


This is where the magic happens! Proof of Concept is usually accomplished within this step. You’re putting together the creativeness with the analytics and you make it happen. If after all of these steps you prove the concept, you are well on your way to a successful business. If not, repeat step 1 and figure out how to DRIVE your success using C.A.R. 

Thank you for reading this, I hope you find value. Everything I share is from personal experience in my entrepreneurial journey as well as other entrepreneurs that I work with!

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