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Nowadays, more and more people prefer to play games on their computers using emulators rather than using old-fashioned video game consoles.

Nowadays, more and more people prefer to play games on their computers using emulators rather than using old-fashioned video game consoles. If you want to play games on your PC, you need to have enough roms which you can find on numerous websites like Killerroms which is safe and worth visiting. 

Many websites that offer ROMs try to send you not only a downloading file but also an executable file which is fully loaded with viruses. You should stay away from such websites because their content can easily affect your system, not in the right way at all. Also, you should be aware that unreliable sites with ROMs overuse popup advertisements, which are considered to be push viruses as well. 

You can prevent such dangerous situations by visiting websites where the chances to get into such a risk are minimized. We want to give you access to trustworthy websites with safe ROMs to make sure that you get the best gaming experience without destroying your system.

Below, you will find the list of safe websites to download ROMS:


Killerroms is the place where you can get ROMs of various consoles. The website offers a lot of options and informative resources that you will find practical. Do not miss your chance to download ROMs for the following consoles:

  • Nintendo Wii ROMs

Nintendo Wii is one of the most popular gaming consoles. It has a lot of innovative features, which includes: amazing internet connectivity, motion controls, Gamecube connectivity, You can download titles using the Virtual Console by pressing here:

  • GameCube Roms

You can browse through one of the biggest collections of GameCube ROMs. You can download and play them totally free of charge. To get the desired GameCube Rom, press here:

  • PlayStation 2 ROMs

PlayStation 2 Roms can be easily found on this website. You can play any of the most popular ROMs on your home computer, laptop or even mobile device using the emulator, which can also find here, press here:

  • Nintendo-64 ROMs

It is quite difficult to find a bigger collection of Nintendo-64 ROMS than this one:

  • PlayStation Portable ROMs

PlayStation games require no advertisement. Download your favorite titles and enjoy them on your computer, by pressing here:

Killerroms contains a vast number of ROM, ISOS, and video games which everyone can download on his or her computer and play with friends. Do you know that you can play ROMs directly in your web browser? Unlike other websites, where the chances to get infected by malware or viruses are very high but not in Killerroms. So, Killerroms deserves the title of the best ROM collection.


CoolROM is another reliable website where you can get ROMS for downloading on your computer. Here you can get both ROMS and emulators as well. It is very easy to get access to ROMs even if you do it for the first time in your life. You will have to go to the Header Menu section and choose the ROM you are looking for. If you are hesitating about which ROM to select, we recommend you to look through the most popular ROMs. Refer to the sidebar where you will find a list of the “Top 25 downloaded ROMs.” In order to download a ROM, you just need to press the “Direct Download” button. Sometimes, the direct download link does not work. N such a case, you can refer to the alternate Download Links. 


Just the name of this website speaks for itself. It is specified for providing safe and working ROMs. Here you can download a lot of games and emulators. Here you can find specific ROMs thanks to the search box where you will need to write the keyword to find the desired item. Additionally, you will find the information about that particular ROMs, such as number its console, downloads, etc.


Before you go ahead and download these ROMs please note that you should own these games and even then it’s better to get retro and indie ROMs through a VPN because that way, you’re safe from all prying and spying eyes. So once again, please make sure you have already downloaded a VPN before you go to the linked website to download these ROMs.

Hopefully, you will find these websites helpful to find the desired ROMs. Using these resources, you will find games that do not push viruses or malware on your system. Enjoy your stunning game experience!

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