Swift Kicking Swag: “Karate Kid” by YONAS

Ashly E. Smith

“I don’t like photos

But you should take a photo

Never know when you’ll meet another dude like me

Got the juice and the mojo

But y’all already know tho

Karate Kid in the dojo”

Authentic martial arts swag is on full attack with Brooklyn’s own YONAS as he kicks through the Fall season with his new single “Karate Kid”! Paying homage to the late Rob Garrison from the 1984 Karate Kid film, the synonymous titled tune the perfect blend of aggression and ebullience. Its unique lyricism presents as much intensity as any showdown at a Karate championship tournament. This is apparent with verses like:

“Packin’ the mack

In the back of the Acura

Immaculate with all

Of the rappin’ vernacular

Whoever else rappin’

Just betta pack it up

The s**t you tried with them

Just neva do that wit us”

Acquiring over 500 million streams on various platforms, YONAS has shared the stage with numerous hip hop heavyweights such as Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, and Macklemore, while collaborating with hitmaker Logic among others. Currently touring with rapper Futuristic, YONAS is gearing up to headline his second European tour. Swiftly navigating his way through this industry, YONAS is poised to cement his place into hip hop culture, one kick, punch, and elbow strike at a time. Whats next for YONAS? Keep up with him on all of his social media platforms below.