What To Do If Your Family Home is Burgled

The thought of a trespasser on your property more than likely makes you feel uneasy. It can, therefore, be heartbreaking to discover that a criminal has gained access to your home and stolen your belongings.

While your first instinct will be to protect your loved ones at the scene, there are other actions you must take if your property has been broken into. Keep reading to find out what you should do if your family home is burgled.

Immediately Call the Police

As soon as you become aware that your home has been burgled, you must phone the police. It is important not to touch anything to avoid tampering with the evidence. Once they arrive at your home, the police will likely identify how a burglar gained access to your property and will ask for a list of items that might have been stolen from your home. It is also wise to request a copy of the police report, which could serve as evidence of a break-in when filing an insurance claim.

Take Photographs of the Scene

Prove to an insurer that your home has been burgled by taking photographs from the scene. For example, snap pictures of broken windows and damaged belongings, which could support your case when filing a claim.

Call Your Insurance Company

Once you have filed a police report and gathered evidence, you should then call your insurance company. It is likely that they will ask various questions regarding the break in, such as the damage at your property and a list of the missing items. The sooner you call an insurer, the more likely you will receive a sum to cover the cost of the burglary.

Fund Essential Repairs

If a trespasser broke a window or door to gain access to your home, you likely will not want to live with the damage until an insurer deposits the sum into your account. If you don’t have the money to spare to fund the repairs until you receive the coverage, you could apply for a small loan via the Cashlady to make the necessary repairs or immediately replace an important item, such as a laptop computer or television.

Inform Your Neighbors

It is possible that the same burglar might attempt to break into your neighbors’ homes in the future. To ensure the same problem doesn’t happen to them, you should be a responsible neighbor and inform them about your burglary, so they can strengthen their home’s security. Plus, they could remain more vigilant of trespassers in the neighborhood, which could prevent your home from falling victim to another break in.

Successfully Secure Your Home

In addition to restoring your home or replacing your belongings, you might also want to take the steps towards securing your property, which can prevent the problem from happening again.

For example, you might want to install:

Review your property for various security weak points, so you can strengthen your home’s security and protect your family.

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