Best Alternative Gift Ideas 2019

As the Christmas season approaches, one thing is for sure. The gift-giving tradition is definitely going to an exhaust a few.

As the Christmas season approaches, one thing is for sure. The gift-giving tradition is definitely going to an exhaust a few. Both the givers and receivers are tired of seeing the same kind of gifts every year. The same thing applies to other occasions too like birthdays, anniversaries, housewarmings, etc. 

If you don’t want to bore the special people in your life with ordinary gifts, you’ve arrived at the right place. In this post, we have a compiled a list of unique and thoughtful gift ideas to make your loved ones feel even more loved. 

Succulent Houseplants

Everyone loves the look of a little greenery in their houses. Succulents are usually quite hardy and super easy to care for. Therefore, these plants can easily get along with people who are not too much into gardening or just don’t have the time to tend to plants. Succulents will not only add to the beauty of their indoors but also detoxify their home environment. 

A Day at the Spa

Who doesn’t appreciate some relaxing ‘me time’? A day at the spa is all you need to loosen up those tight muscles and disconnect from the worldly worries. And while most people tend to ignore self-care, you can always gift your loved ones with a spa voucher or book a home spa for them. 

This is one fail-proof gift idea that everyone will love! For instance, you can check out some great spa deals & various other gift ideas at RedBalloon Christmas gifts & make such amazing eve more memorable. 

Gym Pants

We all know at least one fitness freak among our relatives and friends. They are always on the lookout for trendy and comfortable workout gear. Gym pants are therefore the perfect choice for them so that their workout sessions are comfortable and safe.

Essential Oil Diffusers

Even if they are not big on aromatherapy or how it works, most people will appreciate a refreshing smell in their homes. This is why we have essential oil diffusers on this list. Diffusing oils such as lavender, lemon or wild orange not just smells fantastic it has a wide array of health benefits. And these oils are usually mixed with some water so the oil diffuser doubles as a humidifier (extra healthy points!)

Remote Controlled Wireless Outlet for Household Appliances

Perfect for busy and forgetful homeowners, this device helps people control household devices such as laptop chargers, coffee machines, lamps, fans, TV, etc with a single outlet. That means you can easily turn on/off your electronics while lying in bed. All you need to is to push a button.

Beard Grooming Set for Men

If you happen to have a bearded man in your life a beard grooming kit can make for a wonderful gift. It will help them keep their dashing aesthetic clean, tidy and stylish. They usually come with a beard brush, comb, a pair of shears along with grooming and nourishing products like oils, balms and conditioners.

Smartphone Sanitizer

Do you know anyone who’s literally just obsessed with cleanliness? This gift will surely bring a smile to their faces. A smartphone sanitizer is a specialized tool that makes use of ultraviolet radiation to sterilize phones leaving your phones 100% germ-free every time. The germaphobes in your circles will love you for this!

We hope this list helps you find some unique gifts for your friends and family this holiday season!

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