Seed to Sale Software Vs. Cannabis ERP System: What are the Differences?

Software solutions are now an integral part of every business, but some of them offer more than just…

Software solutions are now an integral part of every business, but some of them offer more than just a specific set of features that would be useful only in that specific sector. Both seed to sale software systems and cannabis ERP systems belong to that group in the industry, but they are not one and the same at all.

A Cannabis ERP System is a Lot More Comprehensive Than Any Seed to Sale Software

This is the main difference, and possibly the only one that matters. A truly all-in-one cannabis ERP system such as 365 Cannabis comes with a long list of comprehensive tools that cover all aspects of the cannabis business itself. Starting from financials, operations management and CRM, to cultivation monitoring, processing management and even delivery and retail management, 365 Cannabis has all cannabis software tools that a business working in any one or all of the sectors may possibly need for managing their enterprise. It’s a compete cannabis software solution and promises to be the only one you will ever need, contrary to what a seed to sale software can hope to bring to the table.

The Functions of a Seed to Sale Software Are Quite Limited

A seed to sale software on the other hand, is merely supposed to ensure that all the complicated and ever-changing laws governing the production, sales and delivery of cannabis related products within a state’s jurisdiction are complied with, from choosing the seeds to retailing of the finished products. They do so based on tracking changes via barcodes, labels, RFID, and biometric scanning.

This is the primary function of a seed to sale software, and while integration and augmentation has improved what many seed to sale cannabis software systems can offer now in this category, they still cannot be compared with a full-blown enterprise resource planning system that is devised specifically to meet the needs of the cannabis business.

Seed to Sale Software Vs. Cannabis ERP System: Excellence Vs. Compliance

Finally, after going through the definitions, it’s easy to conclude that the difference between the two is huge, but can be summarized as the same differences which exist between a tool designed for achieving excellence, and a tool only meant to ensure compliance.

A cannabis ERP system is supposed help the business using it to identify problems, find solutions, improve product quality, delivery & retailing, create intricate plans for each stage, mange all aspects of the business’s financials & operations, manage customers, and a whole lot more. Most importantly though, everything that an ERP does is geared towards excellence and growth of the business, while seed to sale software only concerns itself with legal compliance, and maybe a few added features.

One can argue that certain features of a complete ERP package may not have use for companies working in a specific sector of the industry only, but that’s where scaling comes in.

In such situations, the cannabis ERP system provider may offer a more customized set of tools, scaled to meet the limited demands of the company, but comprehensively so. For example, if your business only involves retailing products manufactured by others, you may not need a lot of the tools, but any and all of the features that you do need for successfully managing and growing your cannabis business will be included in an enterprise resource planning software suite.

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