5 Genius Lifehacks to Save Money in College


When it comes to budget management, some people adopt time-proven and sometimes truly bizarre ways of dealing with their financial issues, while others simply turn their backs to this delicate matter, continuing to follow their unrestrained and fun-fueled lifestyle. But for students, most of whom are forced to make do with limited financial possibilities, this challenging problem gets especially critical and demanding. Searching for speech writing services, paying for tuition, and covering the expenses for entertainment – all these essentials of student life drive college guys nuts, requiring them to take rigid and discomforting measures to save their budget.

In this regard, we have collected the must-do’s for each college student willing to keep their budget safe and sound, preserving the comfort and harmony of their hectic studying rut.


1. Cut the Fun

Reluctant as you might be to accept this intimidating and harsh solution, it will indeed help you keep down your expenditure. Lavish partying and unbridled everyday rave are intrinsic to the lives of students driven by the young spirit and the penchant for adventures. But, to reduce your expenses and stay financially free, you had better reconsider your vision of fun time-spending. Make sure to splurge responsibly on luxury-laden parties and other money-draining habits that may leave you broke in the end. You can easily eliminate the expenses on your regular cafe hangouts, restraining your menu preferences, and save some good cash by steering clear of amusement park-like attractions you see in the mall.

2. Be Reasonable About Your Everyday Commute

Don’t go to the expense of taking a taxi for getting to college and make do with the good old commuting method — use a bus. It’s beyond question that showing up on campus resting on the backseat of a classic yellow cab adds you some confidence and benefits your self-image, but there’s no point in faking the lifestyle of a trust-fund kid if it leads you to follow that of a pretentious beggar afterward. And although your love for taxi drives may not lie in the ambition of showing off but in the need to make your college routine more convenient, you should still consider eradicating this extravagant habit from the list of your regular essentials.


3. Scrimp on Food

Dining at the college cafeteria or expanding your eating preferences to hip cafes or restaurants seem to be great options for satisfying your gastronomical needs. But this can severely harm your budget, making you eventually switch from exquisite brunches to modest snacks with coke. Instead of constantly splurging meals when eating out, opt for a more sensible and money-saving solution — prepare your own food at home. While the groceries you need to buy for cooking are arguably costly, they will drain your budget far less intensely and tragically than the food you order at your favorite diners or cafes or street food spots. 

Yes, not only cooking by yourself is less attractive, but also extremely time-consuming. But, in order to manage your money wisely and effectively, you have to put up with this minor inconvenience and organize your daily schedule in a way that allows you to dedicate yourself to this rather engaging and useful activity.

4. Look Up for Textbooks Online

At the backdrop of the incessant IT advancement, it seems ridiculous for students to spend their scant savings on expensive reference materials, with all due respect to the timeless culture of traditional printed books. It’s most likely that the theoretical resource you need for studying is available on the “bottomless” web and can be easily tracked down provided you employ some basic search engine tricks like googling the right phrase or being persistent enough to go farther than the first page of search results. And, despite the relatively poor quality that academic materials may feature, it’s still better to come to terms with this quite an annoying aspect rather than waste your funds on high-end hardcover books.

5. Stay Away from Bribery


Aside from being highly immoral and outrageous, the repellent tradition of bribing unvirtuous teachers poses a tremendous threat to your savings. To afford to pay the college board for earning their benevolence and thus increasing your rating, you need to have vast stocks of “uncle Franklin” bills. Otherwise, “buying” your grades will simply screw up your budget take you into the red. Eschew this misleading avenue of excelling at your studying if you’re willing to gain financial freedom, let alone considering the ethical aspect of bribery.

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