What Makes Internet the Best Source of News?

Staying updated is an indispensable phenomenon and before even newspapers, there were some ancient methods including announcements even…

Staying updated is an indispensable phenomenon and before even newspapers, there were some ancient methods including announcements even on an emergency basis were used to stay aware of people, gatherings for exchanging information, traveling and writing journals, etc.

Today, TV news is still one of the major sources of information when it comes to local or international politics, sports, weather or just anything you can think of because technology is expanding every day. News agencies that provide news content to major news radio and TV channels and newspapers daily, now share their exclusively generated content to online news platforms as well. Check Local Cable Deals for getting the fastest internet connection available in your area and indulge in the latest discovery of news and other news sources. 

Printed newspapers are still in the market but most of us have lost the patience to read the news the next morning after TV bulletins. Next to TV bulletins were twenty-four-seven news channels exclusively reporting live from literally everywhere in the world. In addition, in a matter of a few years, everything is now online, all the news channels, magazines, newspapers are available on their respective websites along with the latest updates. Besides the digitization of old news sharing methods, the new sources on the internet are innumerable inclusive of blogs. 

According to blogging.org, there are around 1.6 billion websites and 500 million blogs online. Almost 2 million blog posts are authored on a daily basis. When we speak of news sources over the internet, online journalism is the relevant niche for that where news content is generated and shared online without having to wait for broadcast time. Factually speaking, all the olden news platforms had always relied on the news sources from the internet which are now readily available for public disposal. 

The good and the bad side of news from the internet: 

There is this popular practice and opinion among masses where people are still reluctant to believe news circulating online unless it is verified by a TV or Radio channel or Newspaper. Conventional journalism is still considered relatively reliable than new online sources. Why? Because the content creation doesn’t require anyone to be a journalist and can be shared based on anyone’s personal opinion, observation or just for the sake of getting some attention online. The verification part stirs apprehension unless it is shared by a news or PR agency, the public figure or an organization itself.

The applaudable part is when the news or the opinion shared on any online platform is unrestricted, unbiased and not manipulative at all. It is a rarity that any content shared from a news source is impartial because every piece and follow up of any old news helps us form opinions on that certain subject. The majority of the news content online is in the written format because it is easy to share, now trending towards the visual side though where we get to see images and short video clips of news. The good thing about written news content is that it is least biased – yes! The tone and choice of words can largely change the meaning and theme of news, however, it still has relatively less margin of manipulation than audio or video content. 

How online news is the best source: 

The promptness factor of online news will always set it apart from all the other mediums even after the live coverages in trend everywhere. Why? I know it takes a few seconds to go live on a TV or radio channel to share the news but it entirely depends on how many people have tuned into it in that instant. While when it comes to online news whether, through social media platforms or websites, the majority of the people get instant notifications on their devices, are online or get this through a friend who noticed it first which is  a lot more efficient than any other source. In case of any emergency, it is a bliss. 

Masses switching from conventional news sources to online news have just removed one hurdle from their way and the real source of news everywhere i.e. news agencies. Yes! News agencies that generate the news and report from almost every part of the world update online and people get verified news in an instant. All the news channels, celebrities, organizations, and every company has its own presence and voice on the internet through their verified websites, and social media accounts. These two factors together minimize the chances of inaccuracy and even in some situations where broadcast media deviated from the truth, there had been statements shared by the accused names in their defense and in some cases, public apologies have been demanded in no time. 

The factor of time and viral news is rightly applicable here too when things are reported in a matter of few minutes and issues have been resolved purely based on inaccuracy or misinformation which were corrected without spreading false content. Therefore, all of the good factors together generated an overall good ecosystem for making internet news one of the best sources these days.

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