If You’re Not Using FreshBooks, You Should

The first thing that crosses our minds when we think about accounting is that it is a boring field where a person sits in front of their computer and has to deal with endless stacks of documents on their desk. No matter whether you have a big company or a small business, you need to have an accountant or a CPA. Luckily, there are lots of ways to make the job of an accountant much easier these days. One of the ways to do that is use the app called FreshBooks. 

What is FreshBooks? 

To begin with, it is necessary to mention that FreshBooks is a hustle-free way to handle all your accounting related issues. There is a desktop version as well, but the iOS app is very easy in use. Plus, you get to have access to all vital information 24/7. If you suddenly decide to apply for one of the small business loans, you will be able to get all important information in regards to your accounting system using this app and present it to the bank. What should be highlighted in regards to FreshBooks is that you can use it absolutely for free for 60 days. 

How does this app help to organize expenses? 

There are lots of categories with the help of which organizing expenses will get much simpler. What is more, you are the one in control: you can always see what you have spent money on as the information is updated in real time.  Apart from that, the app as well as the desktop version provide you with an option to bill your clients directly from your tracked time. 

Create reports in the app

One of the most important things to keep in mind regarding FreshBooks is that it saves you a lot of time which is particularly beneficial for those who have to combine work and studies. For instance, you already own a small business but have decided to go back to school to get a degree in social justice. If that is the case, you will be overloaded with academic writing assignments, such as writing a social justice poverty essay, conducting research studies for social essays, finding evidence to support your theoretical findings in a justice essay or dealing with any other type of social justice essay or social justice essay assignment. 

How to use this feature? 

As soon as you start using FreshBooks, you will notice that there is an option to create reports in the app. Thus, all information regarding how much you spend and how much you earn will be right at your disposal. Check out such tabs, as Invoice Details, Expense Reports and Profit & Loss. Having all info right at your disposal presupposes that you will not have to spend precious time trying to find those expenses reports. Therefore, you will be able to get to the task of writing that social justice essay you have been racking your brains on. 


Taking everything into account, FreshBooks turns all that accounting work into an easy and enjoyable process. You can track every single transaction in the app, as well as bill clients as you go. What is more, this app allows you to control your business and have free time to spend on other tasks you have to complete, such as writing an essay on social justice or volunteering at a museum, for instance. What is particularly great is that using this app allows small business owners allocate enough time to get another degree in case they are interested in it. Thus, an owner of a small business can spend as much time as they need writing that social justice essay knowing that everything will be fine in terms of accounting. You can finally be that kind of person that manages to pursue lots of career paths: owning a small business and managing it yourself, as well as getting another degree and having enough time to write a killer essay on social justice. 

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