What You Should Ask When Evaluating Employee Satisfaction

It’s common knowledge that when employees are satisfied with their jobs, they’re more likely to be engaged, motivated, and productive.

It’s common knowledge that when employees are satisfied with their jobs, they’re more likely to be engaged, motivated, and productive. Since satisfied and motivated employees form the backbone of a successful organization, it’s a no-brainer that upper-management would care deeply about employee happiness.

One way to find out if your employees are happy with their position is to conduct an employee evaluation. This could be done through cloud HR software using a survey, or traditionally with a survey on paper. This evaluation will help HR to determine how satisfied employees are at work and what can be done for them to perform even better. 

Most evaluations include a set of questions. These questions will help you to gather the feedback you need to ascertain the level of happiness in your team as well as what your employees would like you to do to make them even more satisfied at work. 

Below you will find 7 sample questions that focus on measuring employees’ feelings about their overall job satisfaction. 

These questions have been thoughtfully put together to encompass an organization’s mission and culture; employees’ passion for performing well; having the support and appreciation from the management, and working with other employees.

This question focuses on overall job satisfaction.

Please rate, on a scale of 1 to 5, how you feel about your job overall? Please explain your answer?

This question requires feedback on an organization’s mission and goals. 

What are your thoughts on the organization’s vision and mission? Would you say it’s important, partially important or not important? Please explain your answer?

This question has been designed to emphasize the culture of the organization.

Would you describe the organization’s culture as one that’s welcoming to people from all backgrounds? Please explain your answer?

This question can help HR management to delve into how serious and passionate employees are about their work.

Which of these words best describes your feelings about doing your job well: passionate, good, so-so, bad, disgusted? Please explain your answer?

This question will give you an idea of how appreciated and recognized an employee feels by management.  

Please circle your chosen response to the following question. When I perform a task well, my manager

  1. Gives me all the support and feedback I need
  2. Is sometimes helpful but I could use more support
  3. Does not give me any of the support I need

This question is asked in conjunction with question 5 regarding support. 

For most of my assignments, I feel I receive all the information I need to perform my job well ____ % of the time.

This question requires feedback regarding employee relationships.

Please circle your response to complete the following sentence. My co-workers communicate with me in a respectful way:

  1. All of the time
  2. Most of the time
  3. Some of the time
  4. Never

Once your evaluation has been completed and you have all of the answers you need, then it’s crucial that you use it to boost workplace satisfaction. You can now iron out the issues that are leaving employees with negative responses. 


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