4 Reasons to Consider a Career in eCommerce

eCommerce is a fast-growing industry.

eCommerce is a fast-growing industry. While brick and mortar businesses make up a larger percentage of sales overall still, online sales are growing faster, and show no signs of slowing down. So, what is eCommerce, exactly? eCommerce includes any commercial transaction that takes place online. Which means it can take multiple forms. Here are some of the benefits to selling online:

It’s Easy To Get Up And Running

It’s relatively inexpensive to set up an eCommerce business with the help of low-cost website building platforms. These services make it pretty hassle-free for a new business owner to use drag and drop tools to set up a mobile-friendly site, payment setup, and inventory management. Another advantage to getting set up this way is the ability to track what customers buy, how they navigate your site, and how they got there through web analytics. And you this all with virtually no technical experience. Building your own website is a great alternative to paying a professional developer hundreds, even thousands.¬†

Earn Around The Clock On A Global Market

When you have a brick and mortar, location is hugely important. The location of a business can actually be the determining factor in the success of that business. With eCommerce, your storefront is your domain name, and you can sell products across the globe, without a physical store. This business model has many advantages, possibly the greatest being that customers are able to make purchases 24/7 without the constraints of regular business hours.

Many online sellers also choose to set up pop-up shops, which allow merchants to build brand awareness pretty much anywhere (coffee shops, parks, local markets, or even taking up temporary residence in an actual storefront) with not much more than products, and a smartphone or tablet. 

Work From Home

Running an online business allows you to work predominantly from anywhere you can connect to WiFi. From home, coffee shops, even for five minutes here and there from your phone. Working remotely can be a dream situation for just about anyone. You can take breaks and have lunch whenever you feel like it, or customize your work environment to minimize distractions. You won’t have to wait until Friday to wear casual clothing, or deal with heavy commuting. In addition, working remotely can also save you money, whether it’s gas money, or coffee and lunch expenses.

Reduced Costs

Perhaps one of the most palpable benefits of eCommerce is spending way less money than you would with a brick and mortar establishment. Marketing is a department that can cost business owners a pretty penny with a physical store, while online search engine and social media traffic serve as cost-effective advertising channels. Inventory, payment, checkout, and billing automation can almost eliminate the necessity of paying more than a few employees. Lastly, and most obviously, you won’t have to pay rent or a mortgage aside from the one you pay at home. 

Setting up an online store now will still give you an edge over those who haven’t gotten involved yet. With eCommerce, your business is accessible from anywhere, at any time, from the customer’s home, or smart device, never limited by business hours or location. Selling online offers businesses some serious advantages. It’s convenient, affordable, and super flexible. 

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