Tips on How to Be an Amazing First-Time Aunt

It’s a truly fantastic moment when your sister or brother reveals they’re expecting a baby.

It’s a truly fantastic moment when your sister or brother reveals they’re expecting a baby. You’re going to be an aunt! You have a brand-new tiny family member to look forward to. Siblings have an extraordinary bond, so it’s inevitable you’ll want to have an equally special relationship with their new son or daughter. You probably can’t wait to shower your niece or nephew with gifts and attention, but you may not have considered the best ways to nail being an aunt. Here are some little-known tips on how to be a truly wonderful aunt to your new niece or nephew, and a great sister as well!

Presenting ideas

As a new aunt, you’ll probably already have tons of ideas of cute little gifts you’ll want to give your new niece or nephew. It’s only natural that you’ll want to win them over with presents. But then, it’s worth taking some time to consider which gifts will be useful. Try to come up with gifts that won’t only delight the new baby, but will also help your sibling. Here are some gift ideas that are both fun and practical.


Baby clothes seem to get dirty within seconds. Your sibling will be shocked at how many tiny onesies they’re going through daily. Getting a few cute, personalized onesies won’t only put a smile on their face, but will also come in handy. You can personalize this gift by looking for aunt-specific onesies. Bitsy Bug Boutique is a great place to start your search. Their hilarious baby onesies have a wide range of clever phrases on them, including several aunt-related ones. For instance, you could go for their Auntie Is Cooler onesie, the Best Auntie onesie, or My Aunt Says Yes onesie. They have lots of other generic funny onesies that are sure to be a hit as well. Click here to see for more:

To be extra helpful and thoughtful, buy few onesies in larger sizes. These are sure to come in handy in a few months when your sibling suddenly realizes their baby is getting bigger, quickly.


Books are always a great present, as reading them to your new niece or nephew will help their early brain development and may become some of their first hazy memories. Be sure to buy sturdy books for newborn babies, preferably with hard, board pages rather than paper. Babies are typically quite curious and exploratory, so paper pages might not last very long! Personalize the book by writing a message on the first page. When your niece or nephew is older, this gift will be treasured by them. They may even hold onto it to give their children in years to come. 

Memory book for you and the baby

Another sentimental gift is a memory book. Buy a photo album just for memories you make with your niece or nephew. Put in pictures of the two of you throughout the years. Starting this album at the beginning of the baby’s life will mean they’ll get to look back at their entire life in a few years. This is a gift that will delight both the baby and their parents.


Find some baby-friendly toys like balls or blocks you can play with together. You’ll have a chance to bond with the baby in a few months when they’re old enough to play with these toys. Plus, you’ll be helping them understand the world around them and encouraging brain development. These types of toys can keep toddlers occupied for hours, so your sibling is bound to appreciate the gift as well.

Helping out

Your sibling is about to go through one of the most challenging and rewarding periods of their life. Being a first-time parent can be a real challenge. Adjusting to an entirely new routine and lifestyle can take its toll. Here are a few ways you can be supportive and bring a positive presence in their lives during the first few months.

Do the chores.

As you can imagine, doing even the most basic household chores becomes challenging when you’ve got a new baby to take care of. Sometimes, there simply isn’t time to keep the house clean or to make a decent meal. Come over for an afternoon. Bring some groceries, do some household chores, and then make the family a nice meal. You’ll get to all sit down together and enjoy the meal together, and your sibling is sure to appreciate a whole day with no cleaning or shopping to worry about.

Give them a date night.

With a brand-new baby, it can begin to feel like you’re trapped in the house. No matter how much your sibling adores their new child, they’re bound to be grateful for a chance to get out of the house with their partner. Giving them a date night away from the baby will be a welcome relief. They’re sure to come back feeling refreshed and incredibly thankful for your thoughtfulness.

Pay them surprise visits.

When you’re staying at home all day, every day, with a new baby, it’s easy to start to feel lonely and isolated. At the very beginning, your sibling probably had lots of eager visitors coming to the door. But then, after a few weeks, the frequency of these visits will lessen, and the loneliness will start to settle in. Surprise your sibling with a visit. They’ll love the chance to have a grown-up conversation with you or have some surprise help around the house.

Take the baby for a walk.

It may be that your sibling could use some alone time in their own house. Take the baby for a quick walk through the park to give your sibling the chance to clean up, watch TV, or take a nap without having to worry about watching their baby. You’d be amazed at how luxurious this time alone will feel for your sibling.

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