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Album Review: Bear and a Banjo Soundtrack

Bear and a Banjo

It’s not often that you get to witness moments in time that will transcend the music and entertainment industries forever. We often romanticize the idea of jumping into a time machine and being present at the time landmark events took place. This is one of those events. The arrival of “Bear and a Banjo” as a real but not so real musical ensemble, has made it their business to usher forward a new era of Music, Podcast, and storytelling combined.

The unlikely duo of Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd and “Jingle Jared” Gutstadt bring together musical mastery that inspired a star-studded Podcast named after the group. Executive produced, and narrated by Dennis Quaid, with guest appearances from Zac Brown, Rosanna Arquette, Timbaland, and lyrics to the song “Gone but Not Forgotten”, penned by the legendary Bob Dylan. Americana music is innovating, and changing the course of history, like the fictional “Mr. Bear” and “Banjo” have done in the Podcast series.

Lyrics are written by Bob Dylan. Performed by Bear and a Banjo.

Here is our review of the soundtrack.

“Can You Hear Me Now” – This is a track that an underdog gunslinger would walk into a battle with. Being sure of victory! Poo Bear’s vocals force you to not only listen but advocate for his message.

“Behind the Preposition” – “Alligator Timberlands!” This cut pushes the listener into a high-speed chase fueled by the will to go after any and everything you want in life.

“Me and my Banjo” – The pace of the soundtrack slows here but doesn’t disappoint. It is a soulful profession of love towards an instrument. Whatever your chosen instrument or skill, this will make you appreciate it in times you felt that the world has turned its back.


“No Way (That’s Not America)” – This song is necessary. It speaks to the divide that has been so prevalent as of recent. Patriotic in its observant lyrics.

“Born This Way” –Great song that speaks to someone’s inner battle. The long interlude sets a slow train ride to let the mind wander freely.

“Lying’s the New Truth” – The soundtrack picks back up with a deep and dark upright bass that leads into an All-American jam session of electric guitars and a drum. This cut of the album goes great with a half glass of whiskey on ice. Great Vibe.

“We Ain’t Going Nowhere” –The perfect song for those supporting folks that many have deemed a lost cause or abandoned ship on. This is a steady battle cry to hold the line.

“Gone but Not Forgotten” – If the walls could sing after witnessing your heartbreaking moments, especially over a significant other, it would sound like this.

Overall, this album will definitely be a reference point for many musicians striving to create an authentic sound, with an even more authentic strategy for breaking new music in Podcast form. It is worth a listen.

H. Sylver
Born and raised on the island streets of New Providence, Bahamas; H. Sylver grew up in a Haitian household that nurtured his love for music and theatrical performances, spoken word poetry, and writing. This passion gained him a spot on Island/Def Jam's Street Team, where he became an ambassador for hip hop, promoting artists like Jay-Z, Kanye West, Jeezy, Nas, Rick Ross, and many more. He has great insight and analysis of the current music scene, providing written reports on trending news, and original think pieces. He currently resides in Baltimore Maryland with his family, and is currently writing his first novel.

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