RuudAwakening Promises ‘Catharsis’ in New Album


RuudAwakening is bearing his heart on his new album, Catharsis. Although he provides the fast-spitting rhymes associated with raps about savage relationship behavior, he’s not talking about doing anyone wrong. In “Magic,” he talks about wanting to be home and the feeling of not belonging. In “Runaway” he dreams about lying on the beach, catching up with past loves, and traveling around the world. In “The Worst” he rages out. But through it all, he’s clear about his emotions and releases it in a succinct 10-track project.

“I wanted to create something with a lot of feeling, meaning, honesty and sincerity. I believe that I have,” said RuudAwakening in the description of the album. “I want my listeners to be able to look at my core, and perhaps see themselves there as well. This music is for everybody. Catharsis is here to heal you.”


Listen to the full album below.

Victoria Johnson
Freelance writer.

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