Driving Tips from ChicMoto for New Drivers

Whether your first car is showroom fresh or been around the block a few times, it’s new to…

Whether your first car is showroom fresh or been around the block a few times, it’s new to you. and a milestone in your life has been reached. You are finally properly mobile with a new level of independence and of course, the open road beckons. But before you and your new car head off into the sunset to explore pastures new, check out these useful tips for new drivers from ChicMoto.

Get to Know Your Car Better

Getting comfortable with your car is always important. You need to spend time learning more than the basics before you decide to sit behind the steering wheel. Every car is different and so it is sensible to allow yourself time to get used to the feel of the brake, clutch, and gears before taking your new car on the road.

Pick the Right Seating Position

Many drivers do not position their car seat correctly and put themselves at risk of injury in the event of sudden stops and accidents. You need to sit up straight upright with the base of your back well into the seat. The seat needs to be at almost a full arm’s length from the steering wheel and your legs out. You need to be able to fully depress each of the floor pedals when driving without moving forward in the car seat. Adjust the seat for the correct distance rather than your seating position. Finally, check you can still see around you using the rearview and wing mirrors. The usual position of the rearview mirror is one where you can see your own ear in the reflection.

As well as being able to set the distance of the car seat from the wheel, you can also adjust the height. Experts say you should set your seat’s height so you are eye level with half the height of your windshield. All this sounds obvious and you might think you are already doing it, but how many drivers have you seen scrunched up to their steering wheel? If they were in a bump they can get hurt as the airbag deploys.

Get Rid of All Distractions

It is important to wear your seatbelt. There is enough evidence around to confirm you are a fool if you don’t. Accidents happen and the majority are the direct result of someone’s inattention to the road. You should actively work on avoiding distractions. Switch your cell phone to silent or better still turn it off completely. Once you know you have a call or text, your concentration is broken as soon as you start wondering who it is so to imagine how unaware you become once you start engaging in conversation. For this reason, using a hands-free phone is not advisable either. 

You have a new car and you’ll want to show it off and take a few friends out for a ride. It’s natural, but it’s far more important that you stay focused on getting used to the car. Put the cruising on hold for a while. The young drivers’ accident statistics suggest having friends in the car is the biggest distraction.

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