How to Promote Your Local Church in the City


Living in the city means there are many, many churches around, all promoting the same message of love, unity, and community, which can make it difficult for a singular church to stick out among the rest of them. What makes someone choose one church over another when they all have the same focus? It’s hard to say. This is why you should put your efforts into promoting your church, rather than thinking about how they are different.

Focus on Growth 

A strong, loving community who are there for each other is the heart of what makes a church so great, so your goal with promoting your church should be to grow this community and strengthen it.


Start a Facebook Page

While community and religion are rooted in history, it does not mean that they have to be stuck in the past. Starting up a Facebook page or a private group can be a fantastic way to communicate with the community outside of the church and to grow it naturally as well. 

Facebook even offers the opportunity to place adverts of your choosing; you can promote your church’s Facebook page locally by filtering by location. With this feature, you can reach potential new community members easily and strengthen your relationship with current ones. 

Use LED Signs


LED signs are extremely popular with churches nowadays, whether it is to highlight a particular service, the regular ones, or something completely different. They can be set up outside the church with any message you want, in bright colors and eye-catching fonts. When people pass by your church, their attention will be drawn to the LED sign and the message that you are promoting. 

Church LED signs outdoor will be extremely useful for drawing in those who are already local and for attracting the attention of those from out of town.

Hold New Events

Sometimes, the best way to attract more attention is to do something completely new and different. There will always be the weekly service and the special events for Christmas and Easter, but to truly grow and strengthen your church’s community and promote it, you will need to host more new events. 

Fundraising Events

Funds are always necessary to run a church, so why not do two-in-one? An event like this could be anything you want. A fall festival, a New Year’s party, a church fundraising event, the anniversary of the church building’s opening, or something else that is integral to your church.

Events like these tend to draw in even secular people for a great day or afternoon out. 


Festivities for Children

Parents are always looking for something for their children to do, especially during the holiday season and the summer. Offering extra services or festivities specifically for children is the perfect way to draw in more members and expand the community.  

Promoting a church can be a difficult task when there are traditions to uphold too, but by accentuating your church’s strengths, you can easily show why it is the best one to be involved with. 

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