A Guide To Throwing An Enjoyable Office Christmas Party


The holidays are in full swing, and around this time, office workers are bracing themselves for the annual office Christmas party. Though parties are supposed to be fun and festive, this isn’t the case for most corporate bashes, with a poll revealing that if given a choice,  90 percent of employees would skip the work party, as most people find it uncomfortable to make small talk with others or be in a social setting with their superiors. If you’re part of the planning committee for this year’s party, step things up a notch and create a memorable and enjoyable celebration. From serving the right kind of food to announcing the dress code, here’s how to plan an office Christmas party that your co-workers will actually enjoy.

Clean up and decorate your party area


Most corporate parties take place in the office, at a restaurant, or at a rented room in an event space. Wherever you’re having the party, make sure to clean up and decorate the area hours before the party. Ensure that the carpet looks and smells fresh by thoroughly vacuuming it to get rid of dirt and debris, then deodorize it with baking soda or vinegar. All other floor coverings, such as area rugs, should also be cleaned to get rid of musty smells. Keep non-essential equipment out of sight by placing it in another room, then decorate the party area with holiday decorations and fairy lights.  

Make the dress code easy to decode

Most workers dread the holiday party because of the “fun” and quirky themes that organizers come up with for the party, and that usually means having to dress to suit that theme. So instead of trying to get everyone to cosplay as their favorite anime character or come in 20’s flapper attire, make the dress code festive, but easy to follow. However, instead of just saying “come in holiday attire,” make it clear to everyone how they should dress. You could say that they should come in something that they would wear to a cool brunch thrown by their most fashionable friend, or that they should dress up in something they would wear if they ever got an invite to a fabulous celebrity wedding reception. 

Start the party at the right time


Don’t start the party too early or too late. Start it at 4 pm and you’re bound to have a lot of late attendees, as some are still finishing up their work. But if you start it at 8 pm, everyone’s too tired or hungry to be in a party mood. The best time to start the party is at 6 pm – by then, almost everyone is done with work, and it gives them enough time to change into their party clothes. 30 minutes before the party, start playing a mix of tunes in the celebration area to get everyone in a festive mood. A good mix of the 80s, 90s, and current tunes can get the party started in no time at all. 

Don’t scrimp on food

Serving only finger foods and tiny sandwiches with alcoholic drinks is a recipe for disaster, as people need filling food to stay energized during the party. Moreover, it’s important to have something substantial while drinking alcohol, as drinking on an empty stomach can lead to embarrassing situations that people may regret the day after the party. Apart from vegetable sticks and dips, cute hors d’oeuvres, and Instagram-worthy canapes, there should be a good mix of carbohydrates and meats on the buffet table for the holiday party. Provide bowls for pasta dishes, forks, and plenty of napkins so everyone can eat well without fear of getting their hands or their holiday attire messy.

Your company’s holiday celebration should be a joyous event for everyone. Try these tips for a great office Christmas party that everyone will remember for all the right reasons. 

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