Save the Date! 5 Great Wedding Announcement Ideas

Getting engaged is exciting and so is announcing it to your friends and family. Check some awesome wedding announcement ideas and get inspired!

Christmas Day is the most popular day to get engaged with an estimated 100,000 proposals happening each holiday season. With the upcoming holiday, it only fits that we talk about the best wedding announcement ideas. After all, after the engagement comes the wedding. 

You could send out a printed card with all of the information. But this isn’t personal or creative. Instead, try one of these five ideas to share your joy with friends and family. 

1. Ring Front and Center 

Isn’t it all about the ring? It’s the first question a woman gets asked when she tells friends and family about the engagement. Answer everyone’s question by making the ring the focal point of your announcements. 

Create a romantic mood by getting cozy with your fiance. Then extend your hand to create some distance between you and the ring. The photographer can then add a blur effect to draw the viewer’s focus into the ring. 

2. Use a Sign 

You have a lot of freedom here to choose a sign material that will match the rest of the feel of your portrait. It could be fabric, chalkboard, letterboard, or printed paper. 

On your sign, you could have a simple “Yes!” or a loving quote. If you know the date for your wedding, you could include that on the sign too.

Be sure to include a website address for your wedding website. You can find the best one by checking out this list of the best wedding websites reviewed.

3. Include the Fur Babies 

If you and your fiance have pets, then you could include them in your announcement photos. By including them, you can showcase your family unit as a whole. 

You could dress them up with bowties, sweaters, or any other outfit that matches yours. This will give them a more dapper look that’s fitting for a wedding announcement.  

4. Balloons 

Instead of a sign, why not send the message with balloons? You could arrange those large mylar balloons in letters and numbers into a phrase or date. Arrange them into a line and then stand in front of them. 

Or you could buy one or two giant plain colored round balloons and simply write a message on them in marker. One balloon could have the announcement, and the other balloon has the date. 

5. Your Passion 

Did you meet at a baseball game? Or maybe you’re wine enthusiasts? Feature your passion as a couple in your engagement photo. This not only adds some personality but gives people insight to you two as a couple. 

You could put the ring in a baseball-shaped box.  Or you could toast with your favorite wine. 

Try These Wedding Announcement Ideas

These wedding announcement ideas are meant to help you get started thinking about how you’ll let your friends and family know about your big day. You could use one or several of these ideas in one photo. 

Check out the lifestyle section of our blog for more wedding ideas to make your big day memorable. 

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