How Can Signs Affect Your Business?


The Importance

In a world filled with modern technology, it’s easy to focus solely on digital marketing to try and promote your business however some traditional marketing methods still prove as effective and plan the use of signage. Foot traffic, especially in urban areas, is typically heavily under-advertised, too. If you’re a business in a location that receives a heavy amount of foot traffic, it is definitely worth considering to erect a sign to draw attention to your business and thus increase the effectiveness of your brand.


The Focus of the Brand

Behind every successful business is a successful brand. Enhancing your brand is one of the fundamental keys to being successful. Having a sign advertising your business does not necessarily have to mean that people who see your sign will come to your business right away, but in the long term and if they need the services you offer, they might remember your business sign and know where to go.


Being reliant on digital marketing methods such as social media marketing and paid adverts can be effective, but can also come to be very expensive, especially as your business begins to expand. And the costs are also ongoing. This is where signage becomes very prominent and cost-effective. Typically, a sign won’t cost much over £100 and it is a one-off cost. From there, there isn’t any ongoing costs and the impact it can have in terms of enhancing your brand which we’ve mentioned already means it is one of the most cost-effective means of advertising.


Keep It Simple

Signs are just useful for enhancing your brand in business but also helping your customers understand where they are going and to be able to locate specific products and services. A customer who has a confusing experience when entering your business or store can have an impact on whether or not they are to return in future. Signomatic have a range of signs should you need signs. These signs to help customers are increasingly useful if your business is of more of a ‘self serve’ nature as you will want to make the customer journey as simple as possible.

In Summary

Hopefully today you’ve learned more about how useful and effective signage can be if you’re a business owner. It serves the dual purposes of both enhancing your brand, promoting your business and also making the customer journey as eventful as possible. In addition to this, as we have mentioned already, it is one of the most cost-effective means of promoting your business, especially when it’s compared to other means of marketing such as social media marketing and paid adverts through search engines such as Google. If you’ve not adopted the use of signage if your business so far it’s well worth considering due to the positive impact it can have.

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