Is Remi Jones of Remi TV a Future Mogul in the Making?

Meet Remi. Entrepreneur, student, founder of Remi TV, and future Mogul?

Remi Jones.

Entrepreneur, student, founder of Remi TV, and future Mogul?

Remi is someone I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for a while now. I met her through a Facebook business owners group and immediately we clicked. 

I like being around people like myself, driven…always looking for what’s next. Someone who sees what’s possible and looks to push even beyond those boundaries. That’s Remi. 

What does Remi do? 

Remi is the founder of Remi TV where she interviews celebrities and local talent so they are able to share their journey with her followers and ever-growing fanbase.

Her lineup of interviews is very impressive, especially for someone who’s newer to the business. Recently, Remi sat down and interviewed Kellie Williams (Laura Winslow) and Shawn Harrison (Waldo Geraldo Faldo) from the hit 90s show Family Matters.

Now Remi is moving into a new arena and taking her show live, which she’s very excited about. She’ll be doing a live show with some celebrity call-ins guests such as Haddy Ricks and more.

Remi is a hustler, through and through. She’s from an area in Rhode Island that doesn’t have many successful people coming from it, but Remi never let that stop her or used that as an excuse. Instead, she used it as motivation to do better for herself and show others that anything is possible. She does this to inspire others and motivate those who are willing to work, to follow their dreams.

For most people, this would be enough, but not for Remi Jones! She also got her College Degree recently in Paralegal Studies.

RemiTV, college, and building an empire…it takes a true hustler to juggle all of the responsibilities but that is why I am always inspired by Remi.

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