Super Bowl Odds Before the Start of the NFL Playoffs


Things in the NFL are slowly reaching a critical point. In two days’ time, we will see the first playoff matches, and the battles for the Super Bowl are going to start all over the country. 

All of 12 teams who survived the regular season will have just one thing on their mind – to be in Miami on February 2, 2020. Hard Rock Stadium is going be the venue of arguably the most significant event in the US sport for the sixth time. 


There is nothing that can quite compare with the madness and the hype surrounding the NFL’s title game. NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Finals, March Madness, MLS Cup, all of them, with all due respect, can’t get even near.

Super Bowl LIV draws massive attention, and this one promises to be extremely exciting, due to the current situation in the league. At the moment, there aren’t any standout favorites, even though some believe that the New England Patriots have a small edge because of their experience.

When we look at the list of title candidates bookmakers provided us with, we’ll see that Baltimore Ravens lead the way. Lamar Jackson and the boys sit at 9/4 right now. The San Francisco 49ers are slightly behind with 5/1, while New Orleans Saints’ victory is priced at 11/2. Only after these guys do the Patriots appear with 6/1.  The first echelon of favorites is closed with the Kansas City Chiefs, whose odds to take the Vince Lombardy trophy are priced at 15/2.

If you want to see the full list, just follow this address and you will be there in a moment. 


Although the Patriots know how to behave in these situations, Baltimore is looking very confident, and as the season went by, more and more experts started to consider them as the most prominent contenders. Early on, the 49ers amazed everyone, especially after a flying start of the campaign, during which they had 8 straight wins. 

However, once Ravens defeated Jimmy G and his boys, and trashed Seahawks, Patriots, and Rams earlier, they emerged as the No.1 candidates. 

The bookies see them as the absolute favorite for taking the American Football Conference with odds 10/11. Pats are behind at 11/4, Kansas City Chiefs are 4/1, and the Houston Texans sit at 19/1. 

Meanwhile, the situation is much more complicated in the NFC. Saints and the 49ers have equal chances according to the bookmakers, 5/2, then come the Green Bay Packers at 5/1, and the injury-ravaged Seahawks are now at 9/1, although they positioned much better some two weeks ago. 

The guy who needs to be credited the most for Baltimore’s stunning performances is Lamar Jackson, the sophomore quarterback who pretty much revolutionized the game. Already in his second year, he broke numerous records, with the most important one considering rushing yards by a QB in a single season. He also leads the league in touchdown passes, and all this makes him the absolute favorite for taking the MVP honors. The odds on that are 1/100. The first guy after him is Russell Wilson, with 20/1.

All in all, we are just two weeks away from the fireworks, and we can’t wait for the start. 

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