Growing your own Vegetables: is it Worth the Hassle?

It’s a brand new year and taking care of your body is probably on the top of your new year’s resolutions.

It’s a brand new year and taking care of your body is probably on the top of your new year’s resolutions. Maybe you are participating in Veganuary or maybe you just want to be healthier and eat more organic food. Growing your own vegetables in your garden is a great start on the road to a healthy lifestyle. But how can you achieve it? What are the best tips for vegetable gardening? What are the benefits of growing your own?

Health benefits

Eating fresh produce from your own garden is the healthiest thing you can do for your body. Free from chemicals and pesticides, organic vegetables are full of amazing nutrients such as vitamin C, minerals, B12 and so much more. Growing your own could also encourage you to eat more veggies and to cook more. Additionally, it will push you to be more active by gardening, indeed according to experts gardening can burn as much as 300 calories per hour. 

Gardening has been proven to be amazing for mental health as it pushes people to go outdoors and creates a great feeling of achievement. 

How to establish your vegetable garden?

Before starting anything, it is important to evaluate how much space you’ve got. A balcony and a garden are different and bring different challenges however don’t feel defeated if you have a small space. Nowadays you can get a polytunnel from Premier Polytunnels for your veggies that are only 6ft wide, perfect for limited space. 

Once you’ve got an idea of how much space you’ve got, you’ll need to find out what kind of vegetables and fruits you want to grow. For most people, it is as simple as growing herbs such as basil or rosemary, but the others it can be a bit more difficult with exotic fruits or vegetables like avocadoes for example. 

Don’t forget to acquire the right tools once you’re ready. Gardening and growing vegetables from nothing will definitely require utensils such as garden fork, trowel and much more. Once you’re all set up, be sure to arm yourself with patience and motivation, nothing comes from nothing. 

To summarise, if you wish to grow your own vegetables, you could easily do so. All you need is the right tools, a bit of organization and hard work. However, the benefits will be incredible for your body and your mental health. 

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