Are your workplace practices killing the planet?

With the inevitable consequences from possible climate change, more and more companies are making environmental consciousness a core part of their workplace culture. And it’s crucial to adopt such policies in order to reduce our impact on the planet. After all, it’s the only home we have.

Therefore, it’s essential to develop policies from the ground up with your workforce. Also, it’s important to note that sustainability doesn’t necessarily have to be an added expense for your business. As a matter of fact, several eco-friendly practices can significantly cut down your costs. 

Let’s take a look at some eco-friendly policies you can implement for a greener workplace. 

Go paperless

Paper communication is slow, cumbersome and simply wasteful. In the age of emails and instant messages, it’s time to join the paperless work culture. Applications such as Google Drive and Trello have made collaboration convenient and eco-friendly.  

Reuse and recycle

Words are not enough to make a difference. It’s imperative to establish and implement a clear and detailed recycling system. From the kitchen to the workstations, everyone should know how and where to discard waste. 

Electronic waste is another major concern. Make sure such waste is recycled properly and safely. 

Make it fun with challenges

A handful of people can’t bear the responsibility of running a green workplace. It’s necessary to involve the entire workforce.  Encourage your employees to participate in the green initiative by creating weekly or monthly challenges. For instance, you start no single-use plastic for a month’s campaign. 

Purchase environmentally-friendly supplies

Ensure all the office supplies at your workplace is safe for the environment. From recycled paper to refillable cartridges, switch to sustainable alternatives.

Get green cleaning products

Whether you have in-house cleaners, or you outsource this service, it’s crucial to use green cleaning products. Non-toxic cleaning products are better for the environment and your employees.

Conserve energy

Every person in the organization should be diligent about turning off lights, computers, and other electronics when not in use. By doing this your company can lower energy consumption and avoid skyrocketing energy bills. Whether it means installing motion-sensing lights or reminding employees with printed signs, make conserving energy habitual.

Switch to renewable energy

The generation of non-renewable energy is depleting fossil fuels and driving up greenhouse gas emissions. It’s high time for your company to switch to a renewable energy plan. Visit an energy comparison website to easily find the best energy provider offering green energy plans for your business. 

Utilize natural light

Instead of completely relying on electricity, design your office space to make the most of natural light. While changing your office architecture to incorporate more windows is neither easy nor cheap, try to work with what you have.

Offer work from home

Offering employees, the option of working from home a couple of days in a month can significantly reduce your company’s carbon footprint. For one, work-from-home policies reduce office energy consumption. Secondly, your employees won’t have to spend time or fuel for the commute. It’s a win-win.

Encourage green transportation

Encourage your employees to use bikes, buses or other forms of public transportation. Carpooling is another effective way to reduce pollution.

Revamp cafeteria menu

Recently, global real estate company WeWork announced that it will consider no longer serving meat at events.  For your office cafeteria, you should introduce a weekly vegetarian or vegan menu.

Work with green vendors

Prioritizing green vendors will further promote your environmental consciousness. Outsource to and purchase exclusively from sustainable companies. 

Polythene UK is a great solution for reducing carbon footprint by replacing single use plastic with eco friendly polythene packaging products in your business. 

Creating an environmentally-conscious workplace is a choice that you must actively pursue as an organization. We all have to do our part to save our planet and taking the above-mentioned measures can be your company’s contribution.

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