Here’s The Key to Giving the Perfect Gift (No Gift Receipts Needed)

Everyone knows someone who always gives the perfect gifts not only to you but to everyone in their life. With some practice and determination, you too can become that person. 

Start a note on your phone with the names of people you will need to buy gifts for. Pro tip: add their birthday if you typically get this person a birthday gift. This way you’re able to see when you’ll need your next gift by and stay ahead of the game. Behind each name add gift ideas, websites, stores, anything that will help you later. If you want to get technical add reminders in your calendar for one month before someone’s birthday then you’re able to order a gift early and not stress when you don’t have time later down the road.

The key to becoming an expert at giving gifts is to become an expert listener. Start to listen for clues for potential gifts. What does this person talk about the most with you? Is there a problem they have that you can solve with a gift? What do they love of yours? What are their favorite hobbies? Jot gift ideas into the note on your phone as you think of them and as you hear your friends and family talk about them. Then when the time comes that you need to purchase a gift- you can and with easy access.

Always include a thoughtful handwritten card. If you’re pressed for time or don’t like your card options at your local store Minted has greeting cards for any and every occasion designed by independent artists around the world. There is also a subscription option so you’re always stocked up for every occasion and your cards will be shipped to your home for free. Take the time to sit down and write something inside the card, don’t just sign your name at the bottom.

Occasions will come up where you will have to buy gifts for people you might not know very well, for example, in-laws, bosses, your child’s teacher, your cousin’s baby, etc. Here are a couple of crowd-pleasing gifts that even the person who has everything will appreciate: 

Who doesn’t enjoy a great bottle of wine? Weshipwine is your new secret to finding the perfect bottle of wine for anyone. During checkout, you’re given the option to beef up your gift by adding an olive wood wine stopper, or the bottle can even come in a lacquered box lined with velvet. You can even select a gift basket that will come wrapped and ready to go with wine, chocolate, and cheese inside.

A gift for all ages and any occasion is a box of See’s Candy. The company has been thriving since 1921 and for good reason, delicious chocolate candies. Check out the gift options which feature themed decorated boxes ranging from thank you boxes to decorated holiday boxes.

There you have it, now you have the tools to tackle every gift-giving event this year.

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