3 Unique Tech Gadgets You Probably did not Know Existed

The gadget market is particularly intriguing and invigorating for a wide array of (good) reasons. After all, it is one of the only few industries that actually keep pace with the absurd level of innovations that the present age of technology continues to achieve every year. Their latest iterations never fail in making our jaw drop with utter awe and excitement, keeping us at the edge of our seat. While there is a handful of concept gadgets that ultimately are not meant to witness the daylight reality of a mainstream bulk production, there is another bunch that ideally incorporates the eccentric innovation of the latest tech advancements with utmost practicality as well. 

These gadgets can make for a perfect piece of equipment to allow you to stay updated with all the latest technological quirks and innovations, so you don’t feel like you have just time traveled from 1985. These latest iterations of tech gadgets, however, usually come with a hefty price tag, making them a hard bargain. Luckily, there are some websites, such as https://www.dfydaily.com/, that offer amazing deals on some of the latest and unique tech gadgets daily. These webshops enable you to utilize the latest technological idiosyncrasies at the convenience of affordable pricing.  

Laser Scissors 

No, these are not advanced tactical weapons designed to look deceivingly like a normal scissor. Instead, well, it is a genuine scissor, but it comes with a unique and extremely handy tweak. Whenever you make use of a scissor, one of your primary goals is to ensure you snip out a perfect linear line, so you don’t have to waste your time trying to adjust all the miniature extra corners. That, however, is an ideal scenario. The majority of the time, the final result is obtained in the form of a highly inconsistent and borderline useless end-product. 

Whether you are in an art class or you spend a fair amount of time sewing your old clothes or modifying them, you need your cutting skills to be on (straight) point and this where the convenience of a laser pointer comes into play. The laser unit is attached to the top of the scissor, and that works as an assisting mechanism to help you stay on a straight path. The laser can also be adjusted using two screws that help you aim where you want, so you never have to deal with crooked lines, ever again – a simple, yet extremely functional and handy gadget that finds massive application in performing day-to-day activities as well.

Samsung Ballie

Samsung Ballie has succeeded in turning a few heads around with its unique concept and (promised) functionality as well. The South Korean electronics giant has established itself as one of the forerunners when it comes to implementing the latest technologies, and the Ballie (robot) is definitive proof of that. The Samsung Ballie is like your ideal pet companion, but, of course, with all the eliminated hassle of having to deal with furs and microscopic hairs everywhere. However, in addition to a simple and adorable robot pet, Ballie is your ideal home device gadget as well. 

It is fully equipped with high-quality cameras that allow it to capture images or record live videos and feed that to your smartphone. It also comes with a generous number of sensors that enable it to move around the house and scan for any type of abnormal or unusual activity. You can enable it to take control over different smart devices around your house, such as your Android TV, or Roomba vacuum, etc. If you are looking for the perfect tech companion, the Samsung Ballie is your ideal choice of poison.  

Dell Alienware Concept UFO 

For someone who has spent a significant amount of his childhood days glued to the classic Nintendo Switch or a Gameboy, the concept UFO gaming pad comes with an ideal combination of the cutting-edge gaming experience along with a healthy dose of nostalgia as well. The concept UFO gaming pad looks to utilize the latest innovations and developments in the field of PC gaming platform while maintaining a compact and ideal form factor of the cult-classic Nintendo switch. In brief, you get your hands on an ideal gaming gadget that extracts all the optimistic characteristics from both the mainstream gaming platforms. 

The Concept UFO gaming gadget comes with a massive 8-inch display, a detachable gamepad, kickstand, but more importantly, the flexibility to connect external gaming hardware such as keyboards, and mouse as well. The key highlight of this concept gaming pad from Dell, however, comes in the form of a fully functional feature to dock it up with your TV screen.

Of course, the gadget is still in its concept stages (obviously!), but once it hits the mainstream gadget market, it has the potential to kick start a new generation of convenient gaming experience. 

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