Jamaican Cocktail Recipes Your Partner Will Love

When you go to Jamaica, you will see amazing beaches, meet nice people, and eat amazing food.

When you go to Jamaica, you will see amazing beaches, meet nice people, and eat amazing food. You can take a road trip around the island to try every nice beach, and you can check out amazing resort towns like Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, and Négril. Some visitors go to old Kingston to see the colonial architecture, or you might drive into Spanish Towne because you want to see a colonial development that has not been touched since the days of the old pirates and the rum trade.

While you are in Jamaica, you will have some amazing drinks. You can bring some of those recipes home with you, and the drinks listed below are the most popular among travelers.

Rum Punch

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While you are sitting around waiting for the money to come in, you could have a rum punch or two. Plus, you can take the recipe home to your partner. Most rum punch recipes start with a base of dark rum. You can add fruit punch, orange juice, and pineapple juice. Some people prefer to finish the drink with a dash of lime, and others will use a lemon.

Old Jamaican

The Old Jamaican is called the Old Jamaican because it combines old ingredients with fresh ingredients from the island. This cocktail starts with bitters that will give the drink its powerful flavor. However, the cocktail is not overshadowed by the bitters because you add champagne, rum, fresh mint, and fresh lime juice. You can add simple syrup if the drink is too strong for you, or you could leave the simple syrup in the bottle because you want that eye-opening and refining taste of bitters, rum and champagne floating together.

The Hurricane

You do not want to experience a hurricane while you are in Jamaica, but you might drink your fair share of hurricanes. The hurricane is a unique concoction that includes both light and dark rum. You fill the glass with passion fruit purée, and you add as much orange juice as you need to balance the drink. Add a bit of sugar and grenadine to sweeten the drink, and add a maraschino cherry to the glass along with an orange slice.

Some people put a floater or their strongest rum at the top of the glass. You can suck on the alcohol-soaked fruit that you get with the hurricane, or you could drop the fruit into the drink so that they continue to soak until you are finished. You can eat the fruit last, and you will get a strong kick of leftover alcohol.

Jamaican Breeze

You start the Jamaican Breeze with rum. Rum is the basis of almost all drinks in Jamaica, and you could make your own cocktails at home with rum and a mixture of strips and fruits that you enjoy. However, the Jamaican Breeze continues with bitters, pineapple juice, and simple syrup. You finish this drink with a slice of ginger that will refresh your pallets before the next drink.

Some people will use the bitters as a floater on top of the drink so that you get a kick of alcohol before you taste the sweet parts of the drink. Serious cocktail fans will love a floater of bitters, but lightweights should get a glass with a shaken mixture of alcohol.


When you travel to Jamaica, you will see amazing sights, meet nice people, and eat amazing food. You will drink amazing cocktails in every bar you visit, and you must bring these recipes home with you. Your partner wants to try these cocktails if they have not yet been to Jamaica, or you could bring home your favorite cocktails for date night. Your partner will feel like they are back at a beachside cafe where the two of you had a romantic dinner, and you can make as many cocktails as you like at home.

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