Five Famous Politicians Who Graduated From Boston University

A lot of famous people have graduated from Boston University. Politicians are no exception.

A lot of famous people have graduated from Boston University. Politicians are no exception. During the course of studies, they also had to deal with the task of writing a Boston University essay, explain the reasons why they have chosen this educational institution in their why BU essay and even submit a BU supplement essay. The application process has not changed much. Here is the list of the most famous politicians who have graduated from Boston University. 

Barbara Jordan

Barbara Jordan was the first African-American woman to be elected to Congress. She won a Texas seat which also means that she was the first Congresswoman from a Southern state as well. Jordan graduated from Boston University in 1959. She majored in law. 

During her studies, she also had to deal with complex Boston University essay writing assignments, as well as submit an impressive Boston University application essay to get in. Nowadays, the educational institution offers a few Boston University endowment programs to make it easier for students from low-income families to get enrolled. Surely, working hard on the accomplishment of the tasks of writing a Boston University essay and conducting research studies are still required. 

Gary Locke

Gary Locke is also one of the Boston University alumni who had to submit a why BU essay, as well as Boston University supplement essay to get in. Later, he became the Democratic governor of the state of Washington. He worked at this position from 1996 to 2004. Gary Locke graduated from Boston University in 1975. Among other things, he can also tell about the difference between Boston University dorms now and then. Another interesting aspect to highlight in regards to his career is that he worked as a US Secretary of Commerce during the Obama administration. 

William Cohen

William Cohen graduated from BU in 1965 and had to deal with his fair share of Boston University essay writing tasks during the course of studies. He was a Republican member of the US House of Representatives. What is more, he was also a member of the US Senate. During the Clinton administration, William Cohen became Secretary of Defense. Many years after graduation, William Cohen found time in his busy schedule to attend law events at his alma mater. 

Martha Coakley

Martha Coakley worked as an attorney general of Massachusetts from 2006 to 2014. She was the first woman to be elected for this position. In addition to that, he also ran for the US Senate in 2010, as well as was the nominee for the position of Massachusetts governor. 

Taking everything into consideration, the fact that so many famous and successful people have graduated from Boston University is an additional reason why the majority of applicants choose to apply here. Obviously, all of them want to study at an educational institution where the high quality of education can be proven by a long and lasting tradition of successful graduates. Boston University is a perfect choice as this college is very popular among applicants, and it offers superb quality of education in accordance with all requirements and challenges which modern society poses. If you are still mulling over the idea of applying to this educational institution, it is worth talking to its alumni to learn more about their perspective, as well as ask all those questions you probably have. One thing is clear: a lot of people, who have managed to achieve considerable success, have graduated from Boston University. Many years later, they are proud alumni of this college and are glad they have decided to apply to this educational institution. It gave them knowledge, experience and wisdom. 

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