How to Develop a Million Followed Profile on Instagram

Instagram is the social media app that has taken the world by storm.

TUT Staff

Instagram is the social media app that has taken the world by storm. From pictures to hashtags to celeb accounts with their lives, everything is on Instagram.

Instagram also has verified accounts of all the artists, actors, sports star and they have their millions of followers, which are devoted to the celebrities and their life.

Now, there are questions?

That how to get millions of followers and how to develop the profile for Instagram which is million-followers of worth.

So let’s breakdown the process of getting million-followers on the social-media Instagram:

1-Create a theme on Instagram and follow the theme on Instagram. Be quick and persistent with the posts and arrange the posts based on the theme that is running across the profile.

 2-Post about the special occasions that you are attending, post about festivals you are celebrating, about the places that you are visiting, food that you are eating and everything special that you are doing, post about it. The more life is on the page, the more followers one can acquire and get millions of followers on their account.

3-Talk to the followers, organize some live chats and engage with them on the comments, answer the questions they are asking. Do, whatever that makes you interact with the followers.

4- Organize giveaways and other contests to get more millions of followers. As you are giving people gifts and vouchers, people will follow you as well as ask their friends to follow your account, getting you more followers.

5-Tag the brands from which you are using products or wearing clothes, as this will increase the chance of getting reposted and if you are getting reposted by a major brand, there are chances of getting more followers for the account.

6- Find out the best content and popular and trending hashtags on social media and then, use content based on the popular hashtags and post them on the account, in order to get more searches. And eventually more followers. You can also set/automate the whole process through an Instagram bot via InstaCaptain.

7-Get in touch with popular people on Instagram and be in conversation with them. You can ask them to give a shoutout to you and a good shutout from these people will result in getting followed by people who are following the person, resulting in more followers.

 8 -Another great way of getting more followers is getting into influencing and becoming a brand ambassador for various brands and promoting the brands on the accounts. 

9- If you are very much devoted to get more followers and have a budget to spend on social media, then it is highly recommended to get a business account and take advantage of Instagram ads as a way of getting  Instagram followers.

10- Use the “Thunderclap strategy”.Under the strategy, get multiple accounts to share the post that you are posting at the same time. It is a great way to get to drive more traffic to the account and get more followers on the account.