5 Tips To Help Children Be More Comfortable At The Dentist

TUT Staff

Even some dentists do not feel good when they have to visit their colleagues. This is completely natural since fear is a natural response. While adults benefit from rationality and the necessity of going to the dentist in Naples, most children do not. Here are 5 tips for parents of children with fear of the dentist.

Tip # 1

Be careful about what you say. It is not necessary to explain the situation with phrases about pain, injections, and pierced teeth. Use fewer words, especially those that express negativity. Instead, focus on the benefits of going to the dentist.

Tip # 2

Look for responsible opinions to help you choose the local kids dentist for your child. Talk to your peers to see if they have recommendations. Finding a dentist you trust and who has experience with children can help alleviate your child’s fear, as they know how to create a comfortable environment.

Tip # 3

Southgate Dental recommends that you schedule your appointment when your child is usually awake. This will prevent the visit from interfering with the child’s sleep, which could lead to more fear. Going to the dentist when your child is alert is ideal.


Tip # 4

Teach your children oral hygiene early. The sooner you start caring for your child’s teeth, the less unpleasant his experience will be with dental treatments. Teach your children to brush twice a day and keep track of candy in their diet. 

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Tip # 5

On the first visit to the dentist, let your child carry his or her favorite toy that has teeth. Create a story regarding this topic. Don’t let the child feel alone in the face of uncertainty.