Warm Wintry Vibes: “I Still Love You” by The Jayplayers

Looking for some cool tunes to begin the new year with? Tap into the smooth sounds of the…

Looking for some cool tunes to begin the new year with? Tap into the smooth sounds of the Jayplayers and their rising single “I Still Love You”!

(left to right: Chris Weidensaul (songwriter, vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, tambourine), Keeley McCue (songwriter/vocals) Not pictured: Tyler Kollinok (songwriter, drums), Chris Koehler (bass), Adam Rabenold (keyboard, organ)

With its coffeehouse rock vibe, the heartfelt mid-tempo ballad was mixed and mastered by Randy Lane, and is totally relatable, as it remarkably taps into emotions that we all have felt before. Hailing from central Pennsylvania and based around the songwriting team of Keeley McCue and Chris Weidensaul, the Jayplayers aren’t your typical Americana/Roots Rock band. This award winning ensemble started as an acoustic duo, and has since gained both momentum and notoriety from their infectious live performances in multiple cities and states. On the heels of their first two LPs, Glitter and Wine (2016) and The Jayplayers: A Little Bit Country (2018), The Jayplayers aim to keep their musical machine going full speed ahead, while touching hearts and lifting spirits along the way.

Are the Jayplayers coming to a city near you? Find out on all of their website: https://www.thejayplayers.com/. Additionally, keep up with the Jayplayers on their social media platforms listed below:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thejayplayers

Twitter: https://twitter.com/@TheJayplayers

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thejayplayers/

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