Great Britain, Sport and 2020: Come Visit, Be Enthralled

TUT Staff

Great Britain is a wonderful place to visit, and it has a lot of unique charms and appeals to coax nearly any holidaymaker over for a few weeks. But, one of the undeniable facts of life is that the way we play sports is incredibly tempting, and a lot of people come over here to see the best of the best when it comes to events. 

So why should you visit Great Britain for sport? There are so many different events to think about, but we intend to focus on three today. Boxing, horse racing, and last but by no means least, football. Let’s dive right in and check out some of the events that are going on in 2020 surrounding these iconic sporting fields. 



Football is a game that is played the world over. In America, it is called soccer, whereas here it is just good old footy. International soccer is primarily what Americans turn to when they want to see what’s going on in Great Britain for sports, and we have a lot of events going on in 2020 which will not disappoint.

The Women’s FA Cup finals at Wembley, the Premier League finals, the Euro 2020 finals – there’s a lot of appreciation here, and it is all pretty incredible. There is nothing that will compare to being in that stadium when these matches are happening, seeing the excitement in the air, watching every expert tackle, dodge and weave from the players, and then knowing that you are part of it? It’s an experience you do not want to miss out on and just one of the reasons why you should be here in the UK when these sporting events happen. 

Horse Racing


Horse racing is always an exciting event because it has been going on for a long time. People all around the world are very familiar with the sport, how it is played and the level of excitement that it can bring in places all over the globe. There is always something to appreciate here, and in the UK and Great Britain, we are lucky enough to have some spectacular offerings to showcase. 

So what we’ve got is the Grand National. It is the premier horse racing event of the year, with trainers and breeds practicing for months and months leading up to the event try and take home the top prizes. Horse Racing is a pretty integral part of British culture and can be traced back many years. There is something about the excitement in the air which appeals to people. It is watching these incredible events happen and knowing that you’re part of it, being in the crowd and seeing the races and fall, and even potentially win a lot of money for making the right bets on the right horses at the right time. 


Okay so let’s talk about boxing for a minute. It’s an incredible sport which has a lot to appeal to many people, and there is no doubt that when you are looking to enjoy boxing, you’re getting the most out of any given moment. There is something about the raw physicality of the sport, the fact that all that needs to take place is for two people to literally battle for dominance.

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There is almost always an exciting boxing event to pay attention to, and you will notice as you start to really get involved in boxing here in Great Britain, that there are vents all over the place. They may not be as big or even as well commentate on publicizing, but they do stand off an incredible experience nonetheless. All you need to do is make sure that your hands round for them because they are out there. They’re waiting for you to come to experience them by yourself, but it’s not easy. Boxing is everywhere in Great Britain, and it is one of the most famous sports, as well as one of the most long-standing. 

Our Analysis 


So what do we think about this incredible set of sporting events? Well, there is something here for everybody. No matter what type of sport you’re interested in, what kind of atmosphere appeals to you, what kind of stadium you want to visit, there is generally something available for you. You just have to be prepared to go out and find it. Looking for sporting events in Great Britain isn’t difficult, because they are literally everywhere. Is the nation, we are so proud of our sporting champions, and we encourage new talent to rise to the ranks to represent everybody. Anyone can be the next great sporting legend if they try hard enough, and that is perhaps one of the most core messages to come out of Great Britain in a long time. We encourage people to try because glory is often at the end of a long, difficult journey, but it is worth it. 

So, all things considered, if you want to find some incredible sporting events in Great Britain, there is a lot to choose from. We are so proud of the different events that we have on offer, because they represent some of the best of what the British have. We take sport very seriously, and it is one of the cornerstones of our culture. We encourage anybody who is interested in sports to come and have a look at what’s on offer, and try out some of the different games and matches for themselves. Please, do come and watch these events with us. There are so many different reasons to visit Great Britain, and sports are just a handful of those. Because there is so much to choose from, you will always find that there is lots of variety, so you can ultimately pick those sports that appeal to you.