The Future of Food Delivery

For a long time, the thought of having food delivered to you at home from your favorite store seemed far-fetched.

For a long time, the thought of having food delivered to you at home from your favorite store seemed farfetched. Fast forward to the current state where all you need is a mobile device with internet connectivity to receive fresh food delivery boxes within minutes. The change has been massive, but with the expansion of the internet and the AI technology, more is still in line. 

Here are some of the expected changes in the food delivery world:

New Ordering Channels 

Social media is the single interactive platform that most food outlets are looking to use to their benefit. The food outlets are looking to go past advertising and reaching new clients. Some outlets like Domino’s pizza are already allowing users to order through tweets. The features will enable you to create and save a pizza profile then link to your account. Ordering after that is as simple as tweeting a pizza pic.

The smart devices also have a role to play in online food ordering as you will be able to order food using your smartwatch or smart TV. Most food outlets are coming up with apps and integrating these devices for ease of making orders.

The advent of Chatbots for customer service means that most shoppers would order using virtual assistants.

Food Delivery Options 

If you think the food ailing cabs and bikes are the ultimate for food delivery, you better think again. Food delivery will grow even more with the likelihood of using AI technology. Already, there are delivery robots that use cameras, sensors, and 3D maps to determine the best route to a client. This offers fast delivery as the robots don’t have to navigate traffic or waste time following the set highway. 

The other development is on the use of drones for delivery. The use of drones has revolutionized photography and videography, with the next impact set for food delivery. Already, companies like Flytrex are using Drone delivery methods. Users schedule the flights using flight routes and receive details when done. The partnership between Google and Guzman and Gomez, an Australian company, has seen the successful launch of drone delivery services.

There is also the option of dropping off food using parachutes. 

New Niches

Food delivery is a large sector that is likely to be niched down with industry players looking for creative ways to ensure efficiency while avoiding wastage. One of the most applicable niches is pet dog food delivery. Developers are coming up with apps that make for ease in packaging and delivering pet foods to homes. 

Technology also looks to reduce the cost of food production by introducing virtual kitchens. This allows food stores to list foods online without running physical stores.

Bottom Line 

The coming years remain to be very optimal for food delivery. Imagine sitting on your couch, and suddenly a parachute drops fresh food delivery boxes on your backyard. It seems dramatic and fun. Well, already such developments are a reality. With most developments being millennium oriented, the future of food delivery is technology-fueled.  

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