High Voltage Vibes: Daena’s Electric!

What do sumptuous vocals, swanky synths and funky guitar riffs all have in common? They all define the…

What do sumptuous vocals, swanky synths and funky guitar riffs all have in common? They all define the daena’s Electric! With it’s power-driven title, this retro-esque, EP encourages listeners to treasure life’s beautiful moments, while providing clarity for those submerged in darkness.

As a queer woman, hopes to be a role model for other young people within the community. Her ethos that love is universal regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation holds true beyond her music.

“The term “electricity” is technically defined as energy fueled by the transfer from positive and negative points. “It may sound cliche, but I think that’s a really good metaphor for these songs as a whole,” daena says. “We’re all just floating in and out of the positive and negative experiences that life throws at us. The important part is to embrace every one”.

Released on February 7, 2020, “Electric!”has songs for every mood. The title track, a duet with fellow artist, Griggs, reflects on memories of beautiful relationship that no longer ‘is’, but when it ‘was’, it was great. “Overrated”, a playful, tongue-in-cheek anthem, pokes fun at stereotypical relationship tropes, while the introspective ballad “Close Isn’t Enough” takes a trip back to the 80s. “Give It To Me” daena encourages her muse to live in the moment, while seeing straight through in-authenticity with“Gonna Catch Up”. “Show Your Bones” closes the EP, urging listeners to be both vulnerable and honest with themselves, especially in during the darkest times.

What’s next for daena? Catch her performing at Breaking Sound Nashville on February 7th! Ticket information, along with future music date can be found on her social media outlets below:







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