8 Must-Have Accessories for The New Season

Winter may be well and truly gracing us with its presence.

Winter may be well and truly gracing us with its presence. However, that’s not to say you can’t look ahead to the warmer months. Recent spring/summer 2020 catwalks have been giving us major inspirations for the upcoming season, so what big accessories trends should you take note of. 

Check out some of the major players to keep your accessories collection up to date for the new season.

Supersized bags

Some of the big names in fashion sent their collections to the runway with a host of big bags. This wasn’t just the run of the mill shoppers; these supersized bags offer a roomy accessory to put everything in, including the kitchen sink! The bigger, the better was the trend of the moment, so expect to see lots of examples filtering into online stores and fashion retailers. 

Fashion-forward specs 

Whether you wear prescription glasses or opt for the specs look, there’s no shortage of fashionable designs to style for the spring/summer months. The choice of eyeglasses, including styles from designers such as these Nike glasses, are the ideal choice to complement your outfits. Why not get them tinted too and have a matching pair of sunglasses. 

Bucket hats 

Staying with the 90s vibes that have reigned supreme in trends for the past few seasons sees the return of the bucket hat. They were a popular accessory for the winter months, and now they’re getting a vibrant update with added touches of spring, including lace and satin detailing. This hat is the perfect transitional piece, and they look fantastic if you try and match them to your outfit. 

Chain belts 

Another trend that has been revived for the new season is the chain belt. This fashion accessory is rather more a showpiece rather than having any real function, but it’s still a must-have in your collection for spring. 

Belt bags

Not to be mistaken for the fanny packs we all knew and loved as kids. This spring/summer, they’ve had an uber-chic style makeover. Think leather pouches, classic colors, and just enough room to keep your essentials, and you have the perfect hands-free bag. 

Chunky boots

You may already have this boot firmly in your closet from autumn/winter, and it’s not set to go anywhere fast as we transition into spring. It might feel like an odd choice for the warmer months but matching chunky boots with a cute dress works perfectly with the 90s soft grunge vibes for the season. 

Statement chain necklaces 

If you’re looking for some Instagram worthy bling for spring/summer 2020, opting for a chunky chain necklace is a perfect choice. This accessory has been gracing the catwalks and A-listers necks over the autumn/winter months and is set to stay for the spring. These chains are so versatile; you can pair with comfy casuals or glammed up looks, and both look on-trend. 

Soft clutches 

Made famous by the iconic designer Bottega Veneta, the soft clutch is undoubtedly making a statement for spring. It’s easy to carry around and is roomy for all the essentials. Choose a classic shade such as black, white, or tan, and this bag will last a few seasons to come. 

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