The 10 safety features you need when buying a car in 2020

Whether you’re buying a new family car or a run-around to get you across town, staying safe on the roads is of paramount importance.

Whether you’re buying a new family car or a run-around to get you across town, staying safe on the roads is of paramount importance.

Although safety standards have improved, there were 1,784 reported road deaths in 2018 on the UK’s roads. Look out for the following when making a purchase this year.

Autonomous emergency braking

At some point on the road, we all have to slam on the brakes, but AEB takes the marginals out of these situations, using radar to activate the brakes when others stop suddenly ahead. Cars with AEB often come with cheaper insurance premiums.

Electronic stability control

Similarly, you might need to swerve to avoid other hazards in the road. ESC goes by many names depending on manufacturers, but the technology is similar across the board, with automatic applications of brakes and steering helping to prevent rolling when taking emergency action.

Adaptive cruise control

Long drives on motorways have been made easier by cruise control, but not everyone is using the tool. ACC gets around this by using radar to maintain your distance to a car ahead, rather than just sticking to a speed.

Lane assist

If you start to nudge out of your lane, whether through tiredness or distraction, you will get a visual warning or perhaps even intervention from your car to keep you and others safe.

Seatbelt reminders

If you don’t buckle up, expect alarms and flashes on the dash to get you to alter that. Chevrolet has gone one further, introducing a ‘Buckle to Drive’ feature on its new Traverse model which will prevent engine ignition until the car’s driver and passengers have all clipped in.

Blind spot warning

Checking blind spots is never easy, especially with cars’ pillars growing in the name of safety and obstructing lines of sight. This technology often comes in the form of a light embedded in your wing mirror which will flash when someone is alongside you.

Parking sensors

The cars get bigger, but the parking spaces don’t seem to. Bollards, plants and other small items can also lead to collisions with your bumper, but a beep in the cabin keeps you aware of your surroundings. 

Rear-view camera

Take it one step further when reversing by actually watching where you’re going. Some cars even come with 360-degree cameras to take this feature up to another level.

Tyre pressure monitors

Monitoring your tyre pressures regularly can be tricky, especially if on long journeys, but these monitors will let you know if you overinflate your tyres, or if they are at risk of a puncture.

Phone compatible software

Our phones are increasingly becoming tools to use in many situations. Driving is no exception, with navigation and media apps all helping to make journeys easier. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto allow you to utilise this functionality without fumbling for your phone and taking attention off the road.

Once you’ve found a car that combines the features you’re looking for and the safety features you need, check out ZenAuto to see if they can help you secure it.

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