‘Everybody Calling Him Daddy Except His Kids’: Steve Harvey’s Daughter, Lori, Posts a Song from Future that Apparently Takes Aim at Her Father

Lori Harvey seems to be flaunting her love affair with Future in front of her daddy’s face.

“Honor your Father and Mother” as the saying goes, but when someone makes a song about your dad, would you sing or dance to it?

Lori Harvey posted a video on her Instagram story jaunting in a kaleidoscopic swimwear listening to Future‘s remix of his already hit song “Life is Good.”

The line “She calls me daddy cause my money’s long like Stevie.” apparently dissed her father, Steve Harvey.  Fans amassed Instagram to explain how they felt about Harvey posting a video from a song with lyrics that are very disrespectful.

“🤔 And she’s OK w/this?! U gotta draw the line somewhere #WhewTheDisrespect,” read one of the comments.

This is low-key disrespecting her and Steve 🤣🤣🤣😂😂.. especially Steve ..😭😭🤣🤣,” said another.

Wait and she posted this? Steve old school so ain’t no way he wouldn’t have an issue with this smh. That’s disrespectful IDC.”  a third said.

Evident similar views from fans emerge as one said, “Everybody calling him daddy except his KIDS🙄”

The rapper filled Harvey’s entire house with red roses and candles to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Future and Harvey have been casually dating for the past couple of months, and fans seem to think their relationship is heating up

In Harvey’s 23rd birthday, the pair also went to Jamaica in January. Future posted a picture of them sitting in a private pool with Harvey rocking a $490 Christian Dior bikini. He captioned the picture with “Life is Good.

Even if it may seem rainbows and butterflies for this couple, each one has their own share of legal matters to deal. Harvey, back in October, allegedly hit a parked car in Los Angeles. Flipping over  her Mercedes G-Wagon and fled the scene by walking away. The star is due in court for a pretrial hearing after pleading not-guilty.

Future is currently taking the alleged mother of his child, Eliza Reign, to court because he says she keeps stating details about their sex life. The rapper currently has six children with six different women.

Fans may have different receptions about the couple’s match-up, Steve was asked how he felt about his daughter dating the rapper and said he knows nothing about it.

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