‘I thought they was brothers’: Fans comment over Don and Van from ‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Over Charmaine Sex Rumors

Good friends Van Johnson and Don Brumfield might have things unexpectedly coming to a head with both of them.

Good friends Van Johnson and Don Brumfield might have things unexpectedly coming to a head with both of them.

“Black Ink Crew: Chicago” stars wound up in a vigorous debate on an episode aired last Feb. 19 after Johnson squared up to Brumfield about propagating rumors about allegedly hooking up with Charmaine Walker.

According to one of Johnson’s flings, she said that she heard Johnson and Walker having an “intimate time”. However, Walker denied the rumor but Brumfield, however, told producers that Johnson told him Walker performed fellatio on him.

Two episodes ago, Walker was approached by Johnson face-to-face and apologized for not stopping the rumor at the time it happened. Moreover, he denied having any involvement about sex with her and blamed Brumfield for supposedly lying on him.

Johnson and Brumfield would meet up to discuss the rumor. “You gone say that I made some s–t up? On what shorties I make s–t up about? I’m asking you a question n–gga! I made s–t up about you?” The 9MAG tattoo artist would begin yelling.

“Bro you gone f–king do that!” Johnson shouted, who stood just inches from Brumfield’s face.


Here are some comments from fans:

“Don be punching through ceilings and walls but van pushed the soul out of ole boy last season so ionnnn eeen know..!!! They both quick to nut up!”

“I thought they was brothers.. Sad to see them going threw this. All of them are wrong not just about the rumor but how they all turned on van at the end”

“Van want nooo smoke what so ever with don 🥴😭💀 he got enough goin on y’all better leave him alone expeditiously”

“Y’all keep saying “Van don’t want none with don”, why because he’s bigger? That don’t mean shit lol💯”

“Vanisha wants no smoke with Don big ass! Remember when Don punched in the wall and was like don’t play wit me!? Hell nah Run Van!”

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