Netflix TV Series Review: ‘I Am Not Okay With This’ Plus Q&A With Actors Sofia Bryant and Richard Ellis

Christina Jeter

Based off the comic book series by Charles Forsman, ‘I Am Not Okay With This’ stars Sophia Lillis (It and It: Chapter 2) as Sydney, the introverted outcast of her peers and schoolmates.

Sydney is an angrily pubescent teenager, who is trying to figure out what her place is in this world, as she is certain of some things, which are her best friend Dina (Sofia Bryant) and her seemingly high school crush Stanley Barber. 


With each episode focusing on Syd’s dilemmas ranging from her jealousy of Dina’s boyfriend Brad (Richard Ellis), her relationship with her mother, her sexuality, and just being ‘different’. The cliffhanger endings, throttled with the series soundtrack, makes me very grateful that I was able to binge-watch the whole season early on Netflix! 

February 26th, the audience, no matter what the age or stage of life will relate to the awkwardness we all have inevitably faced while trying to ‘figure it out’, while making ourselves fit in, all while standing out.

Q & A with Sofia Bryant and Richard Ellis

How do you relate to the characters you portray?

Richard Ellis: My character is a bit of a monster and narcissistic, so I try to manipulate those qualities into one person.


Sofia Bryant: I have a ‘Dina’ in my own life, so I pick from those experiences and make them my own. 

What was your favorite thing about filming in Pittsburgh?

Sofia Bryant: Definitely, the utilization of natural elements. We did a lot of shooting in Brownsville.

Richard Ellis: The style, culture, food, and sports of Pittsburgh! Fun fact: “The costuming in the show includes a lot of yellow and black, which is a nod to Pittsburgh’s sports teams.”

Have you read the comic books before or after your preparation for your role?

Sofia and Richard: I was a huge fan before the series was developed, so it was a great sense of source material and a critical element of how I viewed the script.


What would you want your superpower to be, if you could have one?

Richard Ellis : I don’t want to be cliche, but it would be to fly. 

Sofia Bryant: MIne, would be to teleport because I never would be late for events and vacations. 

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Where were you when you were presented with the chance to be apart of this series?

Sofia Bryant: I was making my bed in my apartment, getting ready to have a picnic with my friends, so I was excited about the news I could share with them.

Richard Ellis: I was recording a song at my friend’s studio and I told my PR reps I couldn’t talk, so I had this voicemail that I got the part!

When did you know you wanted to be a part of this show?

Sofia Bryant: The second I read the script. The writing is just real.

Richard Ellis: Same.

Episode Guide:

  • Episode 1: Dear Diary
  • Episode 2: The Master of One Fuck 
  • Episode 3: The Party’s Over
  • Episode 4: Stan By Me 
  • Episode 5: Another Day In Paradise (Fun Fact: is an homage to the film, The Breakfast Club)
  • Episode 6: Like Father, Like Daughter
  • Episode 7: Deepest, Darkest Secret