6 Fun Ideas for a Great First Date

Figuring out what to do on a first date can be tricky.

Figuring out what to do on a first date can be tricky. While it is important to find something fun to do, there are other factors to consider as well. For example, a great first date should give both of you the chance for lots of face-to-face time and help you to converse freely.

Want to know what fits that bill? Here’s six fun ideas that would make for a great first date:

  • Coffee date

It may be a bit cliché, but meeting up for coffee (or tea) is actually good idea for a first date – especially if neither of you know each other. If things go well you guys can have some fun talking to one another and extend the date with some other activity, but if they don’t then it is easy to cut things short.

  • Visit a museum

Surprisingly enough, museums are one of the best places for a first date. As you wander through the exhibits you can find out more about one another and your perspectives.

The exhibits are the perfect backdrop for a date and will definitely give you lots to talk about. It is a surefire way to avoid awkward silences or pauses in the conversation.

  • Take a hike

Assuming both of you enjoy being outdoors, why not go for a hike? Strolling down a trail while surrounded by nature is always a good setting. All you need to do is pack some snacks and a few drinks and you could even have an impromptu picnic.

  • Go bowling

Bowling is actually a very good first date due to the fact that it is an easy activity for anyone to pick up. It may be a bit goofy, but that is part of what makes it a good way to break the ice and get both of you laughing.

  • Check out a farmers’ market

Visiting a farmers’ market will give you both the chance to relax in a very informal setting. While you’re there you can discuss the produce that is being sold, pick out some jams, or even grab some other bites to eat. With so much around there should be more than enough to make sure your conversation doesn’t run dry.

  • Take a quick class together

Attending a quick class together can be very enjoyable and give you both the chance to interact at the same time. It could be anything from painting to pottery, cooking, or something else – as long as you both enjoy it.

If you’re really finding it difficult to choose, you could try using the Date Night Decider that is
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Always be sure to take into account your date’s preferences before you choose an activity. If it’s something really out of the box you may want to run it by them beforehand too – just so they aren’t too shocked.

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