Engagement Party Etiquette: Your Top 7 Questions Answered

Looking for how to throw an engagement party? Don’t get stuck on unimportant details; here is everything you need to know on engagement party etiquette.

So, you’re engaged and over the blissful phase of newly engaged life. It’s time to think about putting together an engagement party to formally announce your engagement to friends and family. And, if you are new at this, like most newly engaged couples are, you might wonder things like, who throws the engagement party, when is the best time to hold it, and where? Well, lucky for you, we have got tips on engagement party etiquette down here. 

Loose and not so set in stone engagement party rules that can guide you when you plan your party. Even with these general guidelines, it is best that your engagement dinner party is customized to your tastes, preferences and budget. However, just keep these tips on etiquette for engagement party at the back of your mind, and they just might help.

1. Who Hosts the Engagement Party?

The answer to the question, ‘who throws engagement party?’ is usually the parents of the bride. However, this is not a hard and fast rule anymore. These days, anyone really can host the engagement part. Be it the parents of the groom, close friends, or other family members. Sometimes, even the couple could opt to throw their own engagement party. 

Whoever hosts the party, however, will need to stay in touch with the celebrating couple, throughout the planning process. This ensures that everything is on par with their wishes and desires. After all, it’s their party and they are the reason for the celebration.

2. When Do You Throw an Engagement Party?

If you are unsure of when to have an engagement party, the perfect time is usually during the first few months of your engagement. This is when everyone is still blissful about your announcement, and they are expecting it. Also, you haven’t gotten into the thick of wedding planning yet, and so have time to enjoy a great party. 

3. How Do I Send Out Invitations?

Deciding how to send out engagement party invitations will depend a lot on the type of event you will be having. A casual and laid-back party in your backyard or at a friend’s might only require informal invitations by social media. The same goes for a gathering of your friends at a local bar or favorite restaurant. Just remember to include the time and location when sending out your invites. 

If you are having a formal engagement party, however, then you will need more formal methods for invitations. Send out regular snail mail with a stamp and home address. Another option would be an email if you are sure that all of your guests are internet savvy and prefer this method. 

4. Who to Invite to an Engagement Party?

The type of party you’re having and who hosts your party will go a long way in determining who to invite to the engagement party. This is because the invitation to the party will come from the hosts of the engagement party. Ensure to invite only people who will also be invited to the wedding, to avoid any hurt feelings. And try to keep the guest list to a minimum, since you might not have as much time as you wish to prepare. 

5. Any Party Activities?

The main activities at engagement parties are usually the announcement and the toasts. This could also be an avenue for the parents of the bride and groom to meet as well if they hadn’t already. This is also a good time for all of the guests to get to know each other, so nothing elaborate need to be planned. The party can have alcohol if everyone agrees with it. However, if anyone has an objection for reasons of religion or otherwise, it best not be served. 

6. Topics for Conversation?

At this point, it would be best to focus discussions around the celebration and your happy union. The engagement party wouldn’t be a place for hashing out differences between friends or family members of either the bride to be or her fiancé. So, try to keep conversations light and focused. If you are thinking up engagement party etiquette for guests, you might inform one or two guests beforehand, to keep disagreements at a minimum. 

7. Should Registry Information be included with the Invitation?

It is fine to have your registry completed before the party for guests who might want to bring gifts and ask. However, it is not okay to include your registry information in the engagement party invitation. 

If you had questions on engagement party etiquette, like ‘who pays for engagement party’ and so on. We hope this simple guide goes a long way in providing some answers.  

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