How to Pay for Rehab Following a DUI

If you’ve faced issues with alcohol in the past, and maybe even committed a DUI, you may be required to seek out rehab or another form of treatment in order to address the underlying issues you’re facing.

If you’ve faced issues with alcohol in the past, and maybe even committed a DUI, you may be required to seek out rehab or another form of treatment in order to address the underlying issues you’re facing. Many people wonder “is a DUI a criminal offense?” when they’ve just been pulled over while driving under the influence. However, that’s just the first of many questions you should be asking yourself if you find yourself in this situation. Other questions you may want to consider are “do I need help?” and “how do I pay for the help I need?”

Is a DUI a criminal offense?

DUIs can be treated as criminal offenses in most states, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll always be charged with a felony when you’ve been caught driving under the influence. In some situations, particularly if it’s your first time being caught, if you have an otherwise clean driving record, and if you have a lower BAC level, you’ll likely only be charged with a misdemeanor. This does depend on the state you’re driving in, though. If you’ve already been caught with a DUI, or if your BAC is much higher than .08 and you damaged property or injured someone else, you’ll most assuredly be charged with a felony. Especially if you’re convicted of a DUI, you may need to seek rehab as part of your sentence. In these situations, you’ll have to consider how to go about paying for treatment.

Health insurance

While all health insurance providers vary in terms of the benefits they offer, most health insurance companies do offer some form of coverage for rehabilitation services. In some situations, only a portion of treatment is covered, while other plans may offer coverage for the full cost of treatment. Substance abuse treatment costs may also be limited to the type of treatment you’re seeking. For example, a residential form of treatment may be covered one way, while an in-home service may be different. If you’re trying to get a better grasp on how one insurance plan stacks up against another, finding a way to compare health insurance quotes and online health insurance plans can be a great way to get the information you need. Sometimes, it may make sense to switch from one plan to another if you’ll be able to pay for rehab more easily.

Pick a less-expensive program

Another way to save money on your addiction treatment or alcohol rehab is to pick a program that’s more affordable. Residential programs where you’re given a place to stay and receive three meals a day can be more expensive than getting at-home care or treatment in a hospital. That being said, it may be worth picking a residential program if you feel like the isolation and one-on-one attention will help you achieve your goals better. Another way to limit the cost of rehab programs is to limit how long you stay in a program. It’s also worth comparing your options, as pricing varies from location to location.

Ask for help from others

If you have a strong network of friends and family who want to see you succeed in your fight against alcohol addiction, it may be worth considering creating a crowdfunding campaign in order to help cover a portion of the costs associated with rehab. You may be able to get others to make contributions directly to the rehab facility in your name. Taking this approach is a good way to ensure that everyone knows that their money is going to the appropriate purpose.

As you can see, there are a few different options you can tap into if you want to pay for rehab following a DUI. It’s important to recognize that finding a way to get the help you need can ultimately offer you a much higher return on your investment than you’d get just from forgoing the cost of treatment in the first place. This is because continued issues with alcohol and other intoxicating substances can lead to further convictions, jail time, bail fees, traffic tickets, and more. Do yourself and your wallet a favor and get the help you need from a rehab center; it’s money well-spent.

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