Man Sets Hospital Bed on Fire Because He Felt ‘Ignored’ and Wanted Nurse’s Attention

Florida man sets hospital bed on fire to get nurse’s attention.

Seeking “medical attention” is called as is because, as the name implies, you need to be attended to. Hospitals are responsible for your wellbeing as it is the service that they provide. But what if you feel like you’re not getting the “attention” you want?

Would you throw a fit? Or set your bed on fire?

A Florida man felt ignored at a local hospital and decided to take matters into his own hands and lit his bed on fire.

John King confessed to New Smyrna Beach Police officers, in order to seek attention from one of the nurses of AdventHealth, he set a plastic bag on fire according to a report. King also stated that he thought the fire would catch their attention while his roommate was present since he asked the staff to bring his clothes multiple times.

The roommate told investigators that he tried to convince him to put it out as he witnessed King light an object on fire. Unfortunately, the roommate saw King relight the fire and pressed the emergency button when he returned to his bed.

“The (expletive) in here lit his bed on fire. I can’t breathe. The smoke is in the room.” the roommate told the nurses according to the Criminal Complaint.

A nurse who saw the fire in the room yelled “Fire. There’s a fire” and ran to a nearby station to call 911 while another ran into the room then attempted to put the fire out with an extinguisher. She noticed King trying to escape the floor and notified other staff members to restrain him until the police arrived at the scene.

Authorities charged King with arson and records show he was originally hospitalized for respiratory failure.

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