Antarctica Is Now The Only Continent Not Infected With Coronavirus

It looks like we’d need to move to Antarctica because it’s the sole continent that currently has no cases of the Coronavirus infection.

It looks like we’d need to move to Antarctica because it’s the sole continent that currently has no cases of the Coronavirus infection.

The infectious coronavirus outbreak started within the city of Wuhan in China and has now spread to every continent on the planet…except Antarctica.

According to CNN, these are the continents that have reports of outbreaks;

Africa: Algeria’s first case of Coronavirus was reported.

Asia: The overwhelming majority of cases come from Wuhan China after an epidemic surfaced at an area market. There are 78,064 cases and a couple of ,715 deaths.

Australia: The country has confirmed a complete of twenty-two cases of the novel coronavirus as of Saturday, officials said.

Europe: Europe’s biggest outbreak is in Italy, where over 320 are infected and 12 have died.

North America: a minimum of 59 Americans have tested positive for coronavirus, US health officials say. Cases have also been reported in Canada.

Brazil’s Ministry of Health also confirmed that a person in Sao Paulo tested positive for COVID-19, adding South America to the list.

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