The Ultimate Status Symbol: 4 Great Reasons for Picking an Iconic Car

Some cars offer nothing more than transportation, but there are also buyers who want a lot more from the rides.

Some cars offer nothing more than transportation, but there are also buyers who want a lot more from the rides. Vehicles designed to go far beyond the basics can make life more satisfying, enjoyable, exciting, and interesting.

This is particularly true of certain cars that are so well-known they have become iconic parts of the collective consciousness. There are at least four great reasons to buy and own such a vehicle.

1. It Will Remain Valuable

Most cars lose a great deal of their resale value as soon as they are sold to their initial owners. As those who read more now at will see, that is not so much the case with certain especially iconic and desirable vehicles.

While a luxurious sedan or a high-performance sports car will always cost more than a pedestrian, mass-market vehicle, that investment can also hold up better over time. Of the 20 vehicles that have commanded the highest prices at auctions over the years, all were regarded as both historically significant and inherently appealing.

Even buyers who are not worried so much about resale pricing should always be able to appreciate a car that holds its value well. Truly iconic, exclusive cars tend to do so a lot more effectively than vehicles that get turned out by the millions.

2. It Will Turn Heads

Automakers like Ferrari and Lamborghini are revered worldwide for their ability to design and manufacture pulse-quickening vehicles. Owning and driving a Ferrari F40 or a Lamborghini Gallardo is a virtual guarantee of attracting appreciative attention on every outing.

That will always add to the experience of owning a car, even for those who are not normally concerned about such things. Putting smiles on the faces of people passing by will always make a special car feel even more so.

3. It Signifies Success

Cars that are regarded as truly iconic are generally far out of reach for the average person. Owning a car that has a well-established presence and personality marks someone as a standout in their own right.

That can be almost invaluable in professional and personal terms. While many an executive considers it de rigueur to own a highly regarded sedan or the like, a car that goes far beyond that with regard to its status can make even more of an impression.

Because iconic vehicles tend to have plenty of distinctive character, they also suggest specific things about their owners to others. Choosing to acquire a famous Ferrari will always make a different sort of statement than buying an equally well-known Bentley.

4. It Became Iconic for a Reason

With so many new models being introduced every year, it takes a lot for any vehicle to become truly iconic. Even manufacturers who maintain the highest standards do not normally expect to turn out cars that will become so recognizable and influential.

When a car does become a genuine icon, it will always have done so for one or more excellent reasons. Whether it features looks so appealing that few can resist or record-setting performance numbers, an iconic car will always have something unusual and valuable to offer.

Choosing to buy and drive such a car means being assured of similarly outstanding experiences. While many people might be happy with reliable, cost-effective transportation, some drivers want a great deal more from their vehicles. Cars that have become iconic are almost always well-positioned to deliver on one or more counts.

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