Megan Thee Stallion Explains What The Word “Stallion” Means and How She Found Out


Megan Thee Stallion covered the March edition of Rolling Stone’s ‘Women Shaping the Future’ magazine with fellow music artists Normani and SZA.

She sat down with Rolling Stone and discussed growing up, the rap industry, and also the definition of what “Stallion” means and why it’s included in her name.


The ‘Big Ol’ Treat’ rapper stated that it wasn’t until she was 15-years-old that she was mentioned as being a stallion. She went home and had to urge clarification from her uncle about what it meant. He told her it meant she was “tall and fine.”

The Hot Girl added that “the first time I was ever called a Stallion, I was 15, and I was leaving a football game. This dude-he was way older- He was like , ‘Dang lil’ mama! You’re a stallion,’ and ‘I was like UH! UH! Go to jail I’m 15!’ I really started going off cuz he scared me. So I had to go home and ask my uncle!”

“Uncle, what is a stallion and why that man call me that?’ He was like, ‘Oh,Megan, that means you’re tall and you’re fine.’ ”

Meg replied, “Oh, yeah! I am that!”

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As you recognize the anime-loving rapper is from Houston, TX, and within the South, it’s meant as a compliment.

That’s something that men tell describe a lady with long legs. Most times, this woman is additionally thick or ‘slim thick,’ as we frequently say within the Black community.