‘We’re Playing Hide & Seek’: Florida Woman Leaves Boyfriend to Die in Suitcase

A ton of abnormal things occurs in Florida. A man was discovered dead, after being zipped up in a bag and left for dead. Currently, his better half, Sarah Boone, has been accused of second-degree murder.

As indicated by Fox News, “Sarah Boone, 42, of Winter Park, purportedly told police that the two were playing find the stowaway, however, police said a cellphone video raised doubts. Police said Jorge Torres, 42, her sweetheart, could be heard hollering for help while inside the bag, provoking Boone to react, “That is the thing that I feel like when you undermine me.”

Not exclusively did Boone purportedly leave her man to bite the dust, the police acquired two video recordings, as he was asking for his life.

“Representatives said Boone is heard chuckling and saying, “For all that you’ve done to me, [expletive] you! Moronic!”

In another video, Boone can likewise be heard saying, “That is on you. Goodness, that is the thing that I feel like when you choke me.”

Sarah Boone was captured, after a fundamental examination. A post-mortem examination report will be directed, which will decide the reason for death.

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